Sherman's Food Adventures: The General Public

The General Public

Normally, one would find Japanese restaurants to be categorized into 2 groups - Japanese-run and non-Japanese-run.  No matter what group they belong to, most Japanese restaurants are not very flashy, nor have much in the way of personality beyond the sushi chef.  However, there are a few spots that buck the trend like Zipang Provisions and The Eatery.  These places offer up good Japanese eats (at reasonable prices) while all served in a "hipster-like" environment.  The General Public (related to The Eatery) out on Main and 17th takes it one step further with their eclectic decor and live DJ pumping out house beats (on Fri/Sat).  It really wasn't the place to bring Viv's parents, but we did so anyways (I think they complained it was too loud... LOL).

We started out with an order of the Assorted Sashimi consisting of Atlantic salmon, albacore tuna, tako, tai, ebi, hotate and hokkigai.  This was pretty good with the proper textures and a nice sheen.  Wasn't the most amazing sashimi, but it was par for the course when it comes to the price point.  Not sure about the deep plate though as it made it hard for others sitting farther away to see what was actually in it.  We also got a side of salmon sashimi as we knew the kids would devour it all on their own.  My son also added his usual Nigiri including tamago, unagi, tuna and chopped scallop.  This was also good with chewy sushi rice topped with enough ingredients for balance.

For our only sushi roll, we chose the featured Volcano Roll made with tuna, scallops, salmon and avocado on a lava bed of spicy imitation crab meat.   This was lightly battered and fried so the exterior was crunchy while the roll was served warm.  Lost a bit in the shuffle, the ingredients were plentiful, but the spice and zestiness was definitely at the forefront.  Loved the massive amount of imitation crab meat on top as it added more substance to the dish.  Just to get a sense of the menu, I also ordered the Salt & Pepper Wings.  Dusted with plenty of black pepper and salt, there was no problem with seasoning.  The skin was well-rendered and crunchy.  However, the wings themselves were really dry.  

Of course we had to see how their version of aburi sushi compares to Miku (because they are still the best IMO).  We got one each of the Aburi Salmon and Aburi Scallop.  These were neatly constructed and held together when picked up, yet at the same time, were not dense.  I thought the salmon was sauced enough for impact while the spicy salmon in the middle added another layer of spice to the Jalapeno.  Not particularly seared properly, the scallop was pretty bland, but it was buttery in terms of texture.  We enjoyed the Tuna Tataki as the tuna itself was buttery and soft while only lightly seared on the outside.  It was nicely accented by the vinegary dressing on the side.

For our carb of the meal, we decided on the Beef & Vegetable Curry on rice.  Unlike most other Japanese curries, this one was not overly sweet.  In fact, we got plenty of curry flavour in addition to mild spice.  There was plenty of beef to be found, but the slices were on the chewier side.  We could've also used more sauce since there was a good amount of chewy rice underneath.  Last dish was the Nobashi Prawns which were fried in a fairly thin batter.  Hence, it was crispy, but also light.  The prawn itself was cold-water crunchy where it was lightly sweet.  It was served with sweet chili sauce.  So since The General Public is related to The Eatery, it is with no surprise that the experience was somewhat similar.  Food was definitely more than acceptable at a reasonable price.  However, the main draw here is a hip, eclectic atmosphere coupled with late hours.

The Good:
- Eclectic vibe
- Decent eats
- Open late

The Bad:
- Some of the cooked items could be further refined


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