Sherman's Food Adventures: Win Win Chick-N

Win Win Chick-N

Vancouver's take out fried chicken game is mostly dominated by Church's in terms of locations and quantity served.  Of course LA Chicken is often seen as the very best of the bunch, but unless you live near it, the fried chicken will probably be cold before you get home.  Let's not even get into KFC unless you enjoy dry chicken with barely crispy skin (the batter does taste good though).  A few posts back, HiFive Chicken is a respectable newer chain, but it doesn't unseat LA Chicken and Church's.  Of course we also have Down Low and Juke, but I tend to put them into another category due to their pricing and especially with Juke which is more of a true sit-down restaurant.  I finally made it out to another newer joint in Steveston called Win Win Chick-N.

It has a certain flair to it with Filipino macaroni and ube cake as options on the menu.  However, we had to get the Fried Chicken since that was the whole point to our visit.   The drumsticks were on point with crispy well-rendered and well-seasoned skin.  I found the meat to be succulent and juicy.  As for the thighs, they were pretty greasy where the skin was actually a bit soggy in parts.  Most of the meat was equally succulent as the drumstick, but it was less flavourful.   On the side, the Fries were really good.  They were fried golden brown and were generally crispy.  Inside, the soft potato was tender and moist.  These were best dunked into the side of gravy.

Although a bit thin, the Gravy was nicely seasoned and full of umaminess.   It wasn't as peppery as LA Chicken, but was definitely better than the one you would find at Church's and HiFive.  This went well with the fries, but even better with the chicken in my opinion as it made up for some of the blandness of the chicken thighs.  We also tried the Filipino Macaroni and it was pretty tasty.  Loved that the pasta was not too soft while the whole thing was flavourful without being soggy and wet.  Love the sweetness and tang of the sauce combined with the saltiness of the hot dog wieners.  Overall, Win Win is a worthy addition to the fried chicken scene in the GVRD.  However, its location is even less convenient that LA Chicken other than those living in Richmond.

The Good:
- Juicy with crispy well-rendered skin
- Fries are solid
- So is the gravy and mac

The Bad:
- The thighs were greasy and somewhat soggy
- Purely takeout, only one table, but is only convenient for those in the neighbourhood


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