Sherman's Food Adventures: Los Cuervos

Los Cuervos

Saying that our Mexican food game in Vancouver is weak can be somewhat of an understatement.  I say somewhat due to the fact there are decent places to grab some tacos, tortas and the sort in the Lower Mainland. However, when one can do the quick drive across the border to Bellingham for significantly cheaper and better Mexican food, the decent places suddenly become meh considering the high prices we pay here.  With that being said, my blog is mainly about dining out in Vancouver, so let's focus on the good rather than trying to compare with other cities.

Recently, I finally met up with SexiMexi (who I haven't seen for awhile) for some, you guessed it, Mexican food at Los Cuervos.  Yah, it seems like all I eat with her is Mexican, but who else can give me an honest assessment other than she can?  We decided to get the Shrimp Ceviche served on a tostada to start.  Despite the wet ceviche on top, the tostada stayed crunchy for most of the meal, it started to get soggy at the end.  I enjoyed the buttery shrimp, but there was too much onion and pepper in my opinion where there was more it than shrimp.  There was good acidity to balance out the natural sweetness though.  I ended up getting the Atun Tostada with seared tuna, crispy leeks, avocado and chipotle crema which was my favourite item of the night.  The soft tuna was nicely accented by the plethora of crispy leeks (that had a nutty vegetable taste).  Although there wasn't a lot of spice going on, a few drops of hot sauce did the trick.

One of my favourite items were the Flautas with camote, shredded duck, lettuce, crema and pico de gallo.  Beyond the crispy and non-greasy shell, there was a good amount of tender duck that was tender and flavourful.  This was perfectly accented by the soft sweet potato and fresh pico de gallo.  Onto the Tacos, I went for Alambre, Pescado and Barria de Res.  I thought all 3 were solid, but I really enjoyed the bison skirt steak the best due to the pronounce smoky saltiness of the bacon.  The sweet onions and peppers also helped the cause.  Crispy and light, the rockfish was solid combined with the crunchy cabbage and creamy aioli.  As much as I enjoyed the tender beef brisket, the moisture did make the taco a touch soggy.  Loved the crispy chickpeas as they added texture.  So what was SexiMexi's thought on the place?  Well, she's been here before and considers it pretty solid, for Vancouver that is.

The Good:
- Solid eats
- Friendly service
- Nice vibe

The Bad:
- Limited menu
- Flavours could be more stronger, but hot sauces helped


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