Sherman's Food Adventures: The Rumpus Room

The Rumpus Room

Formerly located in the old Juicy Fried Chicken spot, The Rumpus Room lived a short life before it closed in favour of another condo development.  Just when it seemed liked it had disappeared into restaurant oblivion, it has suddenly returned in what was the former location of the closed Foundation.  Yes, the location went from straight-up vegan to greasy comfort food.  TBH, I have no problem with that!  LOL.  So after our Monday night softball game, we made our way over to the new Rumpus Room for some eat and drink.

We ended up sharing some items including the Deep Fried Pickles.  On my previous visit at their old location, I wasn't overly impressed at the doughy batter.  This time around, the batter was appreciably better being thin, crunchy and well-seasoned with dill.  With a tangy crunch of the pickle and the accompanying dip, it was quite good for the non-breaded type.  However, there was one serious issue as the whole thing was soaked in grease where the bottom of the container was completely filled with oil.  Also deep-fried, but not as greasy, the Lil Cornies were money.  Featuring 3 Nathan's Famous 100% mini beef corn dogs, these were a nice little bite.   The batter was crunchy and nicely browned while the hot dogs were moist and juicy.  With a bit of mustard, this was simple, yet delicious.

Onto some burgers, we tried both the Peanut Butter Burger and the Wrong Burger.  Personally, I enjoy some PB in my burgers as it adds a certain richness and body.  This was evident here as the layer of PB was just enough that it didn't overwhelm.  Add in crispy bacon, cheddar and raspberry aioli, and there was more than just a PB kick.  I would've liked to see more raspberry flavour as this would've been truly a PB & J flavour profile.  As for the burger patty, it tasted and ate like a homemade one as the meat was lean and tender.  It wasn't juicy per se, but wasn't overly dry either.   The Wrong Burger featured the usual produce in addition to BBQ sauce, ketchup chips, hot dog, house pickled onion relish and caramelized onion aioli.  I really enjoyed this as there was plenty going on in here without anything clashing with another.  Lots of savouriness to go with sweet, tangy and some smokiness.  Crunch from the chips was welcomed.

We also shared one more dish in the Chicken & Waffles served with Maple syrup and gravy.  I've had my fair share of this dish throughout North America and TBH, many are no more than chicken strips and waffles that aren't any better than frozen.  So I'm not as crazy for this dish as other choices.  With that being said, this was different enough to be considered good.  I found the pieces of fried chicken to be similar to the one found at AnnaLena.  They were light, crispy and juicy.  Firm and crispy on the outside, the waffles were more than decent.  Sens Fan went for the BLT with a side of vegetarian chili.  Nothing particularly amiss with the BLT other than the bread could've used a more aggressive toasting.  What was more interesting was the chili as it was impactful and spicy.  It was good, but we felt that for that spice level, it had to be a meat chili so it could stand up to the heat.  In the end, we weren't expecting gourmet food here at the Rumpus Room.  What we got was comfort food that was prepared properly and was well-priced.

The Good:
- Solid comfort food
- Interesting decor and vibe
- Reasonable pricing

The Bad:
- A little greasy, but c'mon, it is what it is
- Not the easiest location to find parking


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