Sherman's Food Adventures: Country Way

Country Way

As much as Fremont is a great place to live, the food options are a bit hit and miss.  Sure, the Afghani food is pretty solid as well as a few Asian places, but other than that, it is best to head into San Francisco for better eats.  However, there is one place that is pretty popular amongst the locals - Country Way.  Think something along the lines of an ol' skool Denny's but more rustic.  One look at the decor and it seems like no one bothered to renovate since the 60's.  No matter, that is part of the charm where large portions and classic diner comfort food rule the day.  We've been here before and yes, we just had to come back one more time with the kids.

Unlike last time, I tried something different with the 8oz Ranch Steak & Eggs, which seems like my go-to breaky these days.  Hey, if you want a side of meat with your eggs, why not something lean?  Well, this steak was not only lean, it was prepared perfectly medium-rare and was super tender and juicy.  Egg yolks were runny and the side of hash browns had a crispy surface while soft like mashed potatoes inside.  My son did his usual thing and got the Eggs Benny with a side of avocado to go with the hashbrowns.  Okay, the Hollandaise was creamy and buttery, but there was so much of it!  Maybe a little less would've been fine because this ate really heavy.  It could've used a bit more lemon too.  Eggs were perfectly poached being runny while the English muffin was toasted up crispy.

Viv ended up with the French Toast Combo which included 2 strips of bacon (could be sausage or ham too) and 2 eggs (not pictured).  Much like last time we were here, this was enough food for 2 people let alone one.  The French Toast resembled more of a griddle cake or flat fritter than the usual version.  It ate fluffy and light despite the visuals with a crispy and buttery exterior.  For my daughter, she had the Strawberry Pancakes with a touch of whipped cream on top.  Although one would think that a place that is known for their breakfasts would have fluffy pancakes, these were not.  I mean, they weren't horrible, but just not as airy as one would hope.  The strawberry sauce was not as sweet as it appeared, which was a good thing.

Also on the table was a dish we had last time in the Country Way Special Omelette stuffed with sausage, ham, bacon and cheese with 2 slices of American cheese on top.  This monstrosity needs a very hungry person to finish it.  With all of the ingredients, this ate very hearty and a bit salty.  Last thing on the table was the Country Fried Steak with 2 eggs, hashbrowns and toast.  Yes, I really wanted to order this, but Viv reminded me of my gastrointestinal issues that would be prevail... TMI...  Anyways, as you can see, it was a gigantic portion of tender meat that was coated in a crunchy breading.  Gravy was creamy and well-spiced.  Eggs could've been cooked a little less aggressively though.  Let's be real here though, the food isn't supposed to be refined nor precise.  Rather, what you are getting unapologetic large in-your-face plates of food that is good for what it is.

The Good:
- Huge portions
- It's not gourmet, but it's good nonetheless
- Friendly servers

The Bad:
- As mentioned, don't expect refinement
- Super busy


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