Sherman's Food Adventures: Ichimiann


When traveling, we run into a few first world problems when it comes to eating.  First, the food can be rather heavy and fattening if we resort to the burgers/BBQ/fast food options.  Second, some of the more refined restaurants can cost an arm and a leg, especially when the kiddos are ordering off the regular menu.  Therefore, to ensure that their college fund stays intact, we often mix in some less expensive and/or healthier options to our itinerary.  Our visit to Ichimiann checked all the necessary boxes as well as being convenient considering our location.

We each got something a bit different, yet all in the noodle category (as it is their specialty).  I decided on their combo consisting of a hot Tanuki Soba with green onions, wakame and tempura flakes as well as a Curry Rice.  Obviously and thankfully, the noodles were the best part of this as it was fresh and slippery with a light chewiness.  I found the dashi to be mild with a smoky-like sweetness.  Although light on the ingredients, the curry had a nice viscosity and was classic Japanese being sweet with only a light spice.  I found the rice to be chewy and dry enough to accept the curry.  For my daughter, she had the Kitsune that sported the same broth and ingredients except for the sweet tofu skins.  Hence it ate very similar to mine.

For my son, he opted for the hot Unagi Soba that also had wakame and green onions. However, with the addition of unagi, the dashi, it tasted remarkably different as the sweetness from the unagi made the broth even sweeter.  Of course with protein on top, the bowl of noodles ate more robust and meatier.  Noodles were on point as well.  Viv's hot Tororo was uniquely different with grated mountain yam on top.  Combined with a healthy amount of wakame, the flavor of the broth took on a more vegetable gaminess that was rather strong.  It was pleasant though since there were layers of different tastes to go with the excellent noodles.

Lastly, we had to wait for them to make the Onsen Egg that I ordered.  Due to that, they added an extra one for the inconvenience.  So nice of them!  These were excellent being silky and runny.  Perfect for dipping the remaining noodles into!  Now as you can clearly see, the food here at Ichimiann is pretty simple and clean.  That is the point by-the-way and they do a good job of it.  We actually left feeling good about ourselves and were ready for more gluttony...  LOL...

The Good:
- Simple, focused menu
- Clean flavors
- Nice people

The Bad:
- A little lacking in substance for those who are truly hungry


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