Sherman's Food Adventures: Sushi Mori (Langley)

Sushi Mori (Langley)

Meeting up with Bluebeard and Nikita always results in a good time.  Also, the fact I can travel into Langley where I can visit some of the lesser known restaurants in the GVRD is also a plus.  I'm sure they are rather confused with this as they prefer leaving Langley for more interesting eats.  For me, good food can be found anywhere if given the chance.  This is why when they suggested Sushi Mori across from Willowbrook Mall, I was game.  I've been to the Coquitlam location before (prior to the fire and now they rebuilt) and it was good.  Moreover, I thought the unique decor with all the cherry blossoms was something you won't find anywhere else.

Indeed, the Langley location continues the theme with the same decor, but we ended up sitting in a booth due to our large party size (had the kiddies with us).  We ended up ordering our own food and for us, we started with the Fried Gyoza.  Normally, I'm not a huge fan of the fried version due to the overly firm and generally greasy dumpling skin.  This was not the case here as it was rather delicate except for the crunchier top portion.  Inside, the pork and cabbage filling was airy and light while lightly seasoned.  We ended up with a very large order of Deluxe Assorted Tempura consisting of yam, broccoli, golden squash, ebi and tuna.  As you can see in the picture, the batter was pretty thin especially on the fish.  Hence, it was lightly crispy and not overly greasy.  My only wish would be that they didn't overcook the fish as it was a bit too firm.

We decided to order both the Assorted Sashimi as well as the Spicy Salmon Sashimi.  The kiddies tend to devour all of the fish anyways leaving Viv and I with the scraps, so we had to get our own order.  As evidenced in the picture, the hamachi was quite appealing in terms of colour.  It was also texturally on point being buttery and with impactful sweetness.  We weren't expecting that truthfully.  The rest of the bunch including Atlantic and sockeye salmon, albacore tuna and toro were more than acceptable.  As for the spicy salmon sashimi, most of the pieces were actually quality chunks unlike some other places that feature scraps and ends (which are typically less tender).  There was quite a bit of cucumber though (which acts as a filler).  It was not over-sauced so it was spicy and slightly sweet without being goopy.

My son did his usual with an assortment of Nigiri including tamago, tuna, salmon, chopped scallop and unagi.  These were decent being neatly prepared and sporting chewy sushi rice.  It was mildly seasoned where it could've used a bit more rice vinegar.  Toppings were good, specifically the buttery baby scallops with minimal mayo.  It is pretty much understood that Miku/Minami are the gold standard when it comes to aburi oshi in the GVRD, so it was a bit of a risk that we ordered the Aburi Salmon Battera.  Well, it is safe to say that Miku/Minami have nothing to worry about if we had to compare this version to theirs.  With that being said, the one here was actually decent with chewy rice and a substantial layer of buttery salmon on top.  The problem was the excess amount of sauce and overly thick slice of jalapeno.

One of the strangest rolls we've seen lately was the Lady Mango Roll as we really couldn't see anything other than mango, red beet and greens.  It looked more like a salad than anything else.  Knowing that fresh mango was not a reality considering it was Winter, it was no surprise what we got was frozen.  No matter, it was still sweet and tender.  Underneath, the roll sported prawn & yam tempura and avocado.  Not bad, but we should've ordered something else.  For our filler dish, we got the Chicken Yakisoba and it was pretty standard.  Plenty of chicken and veggies that pretty much outnumbered the noodles.  It was a bit on the milder side and there was definitely a bit too much moisture which detracted from the caramelization.  Overall, the food at Sushi Mori did the job and in some cases, was better than average.  However, some dishes could benefit from some refinement.

The Good:
- More than acceptable
- Love the decor
- Friendly service

The Bad:
- Some dishes could use some refinement


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