Sherman's Food Adventures: Sophie's Cosmic Cafe

Sophie's Cosmic Cafe

Believe it or not, I've never blogged about Sophie's Cosmic Cafe.  Now, it isn't like I've never been there either.  It's just that I haven't been back since I've started the blog.  Yep, that is over 11 years ago!  Now don't get me wrong, I don't have anything against Sophie's nor do I dislike the food there.  There are 2 reasons for taking this long to return with the first being that there are many newer spots I wanted to try in lieu of Sophie's.  Secondly, for something I've had before, I really didn't want to line up for it either.  So finally, after all this time, we drove back into Kits (like the 3rd time in 5 days...) passing by the newer Jam Cafe (and their really long lineup) to brunch at Sophie's (with a shorter lineup).

My son did what he usually does for brunch - order the Eggs Benedict.  He decided to go with ham rather than the more creative options.  When I said ham, it was actually a large slice of ham, not back bacon.  It really wasn't a big deal and honestly, the bigger piece of meat made things more hearty and substantial.  With perfectly runny eggs and crisp English muffin, this was a decent benny.  Only thing that could've been better was the Hollandaise as it wasn't tangy enough hence it ate heavier.  For my daughter, she went for the Pastrami & Eggs with home fries and toast.  This was "okay" with eggs that were past fluffy.  There was quite  a bit of pastrami, but it was not the type you'd find in a NY-style deli.  No, we weren't expecting that, but the fact this was more like ham didn't give the scramble much in the way of depth.  The side of potatoes were mostly soft with a few seared portions.

For myself, I had the Ham & Cheddar Omelette with home fries and toast.  This was fairly big and the eggs weren't as overdone as I was expecting.  There was plenty of ham and melted cheese in this thing to make it quite the meal.  Nothing particularly special, but solid nonetheless.  Viv had probably the best of the bunch with the Thick French Toast featuring berries and whipped cream.  Completely soaked and coated with eggs, the toast was texturally on point and nutty from the buttery sear on the outside.  This was a very good version of French toast.  With more brunch options these days, Sophie's is still solid, but doesn't stand out.  We found the service to be super friendly and engaging, but sorely lacking (not enough servers, our poor server was doing everything).  Hence we didn't get refills when needed and the food took forever.  Although Sophie's still holds a place in my heart, I can see why Jam Cafe down the street has a longer lineup.

The Good:
- Still solid food
- Eclectic
- Engaging server

The Bad:
- Not as special as it was back in the day
- Lacking servers, things just didn't get done


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