Sherman's Food Adventures: Jollibee


Okay, I finally made it out to Vancouver's 1st location of Jollibee on Granville in Downtown.  Hey, I would've gone earlier but I'm not that committed to wait 3 hours in line for fried chicken!  Besides, I've had Jollibee before at Southcenter in the Seattle area in the past.  Besides, I'm glad I waited because there was a $30.00 gift card encouraging me to visit and post about it.  Well, to be honest, I would've went anyways and $30.00 wasn't going to get me very far since I like to over order.

That I did, with 2 family meals and one extra order of chicken.  Hence, I ended up with 3 buckets of Jolly Crispy Fried Chicken (with 6 pieces of dark meat each).  Let's start with the original fried chicken first.  The batter (a good balance of cornstarch and flour) was crunchy and stayed that way even though I had to transport this a good 20 minutes before eating it.  The chicken was juicy and tender with a slight hint of five spice.  As for the spicy chicken, it did have a real kick.  I preferred this one more than the original.  Of course, there was the requisite gravy on the side and it was thick, flavourful and creamy.

As part of the combos, we received a family pack of Jolly Spaghetti with its classic sweet sauce and hot dog wieners.  I am a fan of Asian-style spaghetti including HK-style and Japanese style.  So this was right up my alley with a sweet and tangy sauce hiding the sliced wieners, ham and ground meat.  Even though it had been sitting in the takeout container for awhile, the spaghetti was still al dente.

The other item in the combo was the Palabok Fiesta Noodles topped with pork, shrimp and sliced boiled egg.  This was briny and shrimpy as it should be, but wasn't as strong as some other versions I've had in the past.  Noodles were rather soft (softer than usual), but that might've had something to do with not eating it right away.  There was more than enough sauce to coat the noodles and it was a decent version.

To get my fill of chicken sammies, I got both the Original Chicken Sandwich and the Spicy Chicken Sandwich.  Both versions featured their toasted brioche bun which was a little on the denser side and was pleasantly sweet.  The hand-breaded chicken breast was large and rather thick.  It was coated in a crunchy batter that was flavourful and held its texture from start to finish.  I found the chicken to be tender if not a bit stiff.  I enjoyed the spicy version more due to the sriracha mayo and the sliced jalapenos.

For dessert, we had a the classic Peach Mango Pie that were fried (like the McD's used to do with their pies).  Hence, the exterior was crunchy and light while giving way to sweet mangoes and peaches.  I was only going to eat half, but devoured the whole thing.  Overall, this was not overly different than the last time I was at a Jollibee.  I was impressed with the quality of food given how busy they are currently.  I really wish I could eat it right away, but at the moment, there is no dine-in.

*A $30.00 gift card was provided for me to try the food at Jollibee, I did spent way over that though*

The Good:
- Chicken (and other items) remained crunchy even after 20 minutes
- Something a bit different including the Filipino noodles
- Love that pie

The Bad:
- A little pricier than other fried chicken spots
- No dine-in at the moment



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