Sherman's Food Adventures: Texas Smoke BBQ

Texas Smoke BBQ

Yet another post that has been a long time coming.  I first visited Texas Smoke BBQ way back last September.  I paid for my order and made my way home to eat it.  I ended up posting about it on IG and didn't blog about it.  This was mostly due to being lazy and being busy during that time.  Fast forward to the end of last year and I was invited back to try everything right next to the food cart on a property across from Driediger Farms.  I gathered up some of the foodie fam to join me on this food adventure including Maggi, Joyce and Joyce.

So this post will be a combination of both since there was a unique item in each visit.  Furthermore, I can comment on the consistency of the product and the difference between takeout and eating it right there.  So other than the Smoked Sausage being cut differently, it was practically the same as it is one of the items that travels well.  It was firm yet moist with a appealing snap casing.  Balanced smokiness combined with the mildly seasoned sausage.

Predictably, the Smoked Brisket did not travel as well where it dried out slightly.  Eating it at the food cart location was more ideal as the brisket was juicier and more moist.  It had also a balanced smokiness with a noticeable smoke ring.  Tasty bark and the BBQ sauce was rich and smoky.  Now the best item in my opinion was the Smoked Beef Short Rib.  This was succulent and tender, yet retain the classic short rib meatiness.  It was just smoky enough and also had a tasty bark.  This was deceiving as you would think one could eat a lot, but it was plenty filling.

So this is where both visits were unique as the take out featured Dr. Pepper Burnt Ends and the dine-in featured Smoked Chicken.  I found the burnt ends to be flavourful and the beneficiary of being smoked twice (intense flavour and sweet Dr. Pepper).  It could've been a touch softer, but still good.  As for the chicken, it was quite juicy for being smoked.  Of course the dark meat was more tender than the white meat.  I thought the skin was nicely rendered.  Both times I had the Pulled Pork and even though it was on the leaner side, it was still tender and full-flavoured.  Once again, the BBQ sauce helped with the moisture and also the smoky tanginess.

So with all the meats out of the way, we can now talk about the sides.  If you scroll back up, we had some Smoked Baked Beans which were tender with a bite.  They weren't too sweet and of course were smoky.  The Sweet Corn Bread was fantastic being soft and fluffy while still having the robust texture of corn bread.  It was definitely sweet, but not overly so.  Very aromatic.  All the meals are served with Coleslaw, pickles, onions and banana peppers.  I found the slaw to be supremely fresh both times and crunchy.  Good way to counteract all of the heaviness of the meats and sides.  Could've used a bit more dressing though.  From these two visits, I can definitely say that the food is consistent and delicious.  Best to eat it right as you get it since they do have a covered eating area.  It is outdoors, so maybe do it when it is warmer.  They are planning to have some live music in the Summer months.

*First visit was on my own coin, but the subsequent visit was complimentary*

The Good:
- Consistent BBQ
- Reasonably-priced considering the high food costs these days
- Nice people

The Bad:
- A little out-of-the-way for people outside of Surrey/Langley, but worth the drive IMO
- Small eating area (but may expand in the future)  



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