Sherman's Food Adventures: H2 Kitchen + Bar (Sunday Supper Series)

H2 Kitchen + Bar (Sunday Supper Series)

I'm pretty sure you've noticed that the price of food these days is through the roof.  Every time I do a Costco run, the bill never seems to fall below $500.00.  Now imagine how much restaurant prices have increased...   Hey, I don't blame them since they are a business and the cost of food must be factored into the menu price.  However, what if I told you there is a deal to be had.  H2 Kitchen + Bar has a Sunday Supper Series that includes either an à la carte plate or family-style platter of their featured main protein.  I gathered up the family to try this out one Sunday night.

Before we got to the family-style platter, we started with the H2 Share Platter sporting popcorn shrimp, chicken wings, yam fries, waffle fries, jalapeno poppers and pickles.  This was quite the amount of food with big chicken drumettes that were juicy with a crunchy breading. Popcorn shrimp were actually quite large and also sported a crispy seasoned batter.  Waffle fries were crunchy while tender inside.  Same could be said for the yam fries as they were creamy inside with a crispy exterior.  Jalapeno poppers were filled with cream cheese and the batter was light and crispy. 

For the Sunday night we chose, they were offering the 35 oz Smoked CAB Prime Rib with all the sides for only $125.00.  If you take a closer look, there are count 'em 5 thick slices of prime rib with horseradish, red wine jus and Yorkshire pudding.  That was enough for 4 people, if not 5.  Heck, if you add some supplementary items (like we did), you could feed 6 with this meal.  Although the prime rib was medium, it was still super tender and moist.  Naturally, there was an aromatic smokiness as well.

To go with the prime rib, we were served a huge Harvest Salad that consisted of radicchio, kale, maple-roasted butternut squash, caramelized onion, dried cranberry, toasted seeds, feta and balsamic vinaigrette.  We found this salad very radicchio forward and hence, there was plenty of bitterness.  It was balanced off by the sweetness of the squash, caramelized onion and cranberries.  The creamy goat's cheese added another texture as well as the crunch from the seeds.

We absolutely loved the large side of Bayshore Honey-Glazed Carrots with Crispy Brussels Sprouts.  These beautiful carrots were roasted perfectly where they were cooked through while still retaining some firmness.  There was a natural sweet earthiness to them, but the intensity of the sweetness was enhanced by the caramelized honey.  Oh and those Brussels sprouts were indeed crispy, yet they were still tender and moist inside.

Lastly, but not least, the Crushed Red Skinned Potatoes were excellent.  They were super creamy, yet still retained plenty of body.  The seasoning was on point with enough to be impactful while still having a natural potato flavour.  By keeping the skin in the mash, there was extra texture and some earthiness.  So there you go, a gourmet family meal for $125.00 served in a classy and modern dining space.  A pretty good deal in my books.  Loved that they change the main protein often, so you can go back again and again without eating the same thing.

*Food was complimentary excluding beverages and gratuity*

The Good:
- Well-prepared eats
- Reasonable-pricing
- Modern, yet classy space

The Bad:
- Wished we could've requested the doneness of the meat (however, with smoked meats, it can be difficult to do that)



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