Sherman's Food Adventures: Kim Jong Grillin'

Kim Jong Grillin'

Here we are, the very last meal on our 3-week road trip that had taken us from Vancouver to San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Diego, Vegas, Portland and all points in between.  Being exhausted and frankly tired of eating out, we merely picked up some take-out from Kim Jong Grillin'.  I've been meaning to hit up this place for awhile and in fact, wanted to do so on our way down.  But it ended up to be our last meal on our way up.

Since we arrived rather late in the day (we were driving from Bend and stopping at Painted Hills along the way...), there wasn't any chicken left.  Hence we went for the Bulgogi that was served with rice, kimchi, sesame sprouts and daikon banchan.  This was absolutely huge with a pile of marinated beef that was smoky and flavorful.  However, since the strips were rather thick, it wasn't as tender as we would've liked.  However it was still very good with lots of banchan underneath.

We also got the Galbi with the same accompaniments as the Bulgogi.  As much as this didn't look full as the Bulgogi, there was still more than enough food to satisfy a hungry adult.  As evidenced in the picture, the beef short ribs were nicely charred.  Hence, there was caramelization and smokiness.  Meat was fatty and tender in a chewy way (if that makes sense).  The kimchi underneath was tangy and spicy, but need some fermented shrimp for more impact.

Since they only had enough Spicy Pork to only offer us a Bibim Box, we took it.  With half the amount of meat, these sport the same banchan and rice as the previous boxes.  However, they add scorched japchae and fried egg drizzled with gochujang.  Loved the charred spicy pork.  It was so tender and spicy.  Add in the silky egg yolk and the japchae, there was much more variation of flavors and textures.

Due to the limited options, we went for a duplicate of sorts with the Bulgogi Bibim Box.  This also featured the same items as the previous box.  With less beef, I actually enjoyed this Bulgogi more than the full order.  Again, the different textures of the banchan with the japchae provided a variety of flavors.  Overall, we thought Kim Jong Grillin' was good and provided excellent value.  Each box was heavy and packed with food.  Not bad for a food truck.

The Good:
- Great value
- Decent eats
- Flavorful

The Bad:
- Beef could've been more tender and/or sliced thinner



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