Sherman's Food Adventures: Little Beetle

Little Beetle

As much as there has been a number of brunch-focused spots opening up around the Lower Mainland, nothing has really captured my imagination.  In fact, with my most recent visit to Coast to Toast, I experienced sticker-shock as to what brunch costs these days.  Yes, we have ol' standbys like Red Wagon, Yolks and Egg & Co, but I just need something that would stir my soul.  Well, I have found that place.  One caveat...  It is in Chilliwack.  Yes, this cute lil' store out in the Wack has a brunch that I'm considering returning for, even though it is over an hour drive away!

Beyond the cute farmhouse-inspired decor, there is a tranquil outdoor dining space.  We ending up enjoying the fresh air and soothing instrumental music.  Our first dish was the Brekkie Croffle with house-baked croissant waffle, avocado, thick bacon, hashbrowns, 2 poached organic eggs, Hollandaise and maple butter.  Oh gawd, this couldn't have been prepared any more perfectly!  The croffle was crispy and super flaky and buttery.  That bacon was thicc while beautifully seared and caramelized.  Eggs were runny and delicate while the cubes of potatoes were crispy, well-seasoned and fluffy inside.

Equally delicious, the Fried Chicken Benny featured 2 buttermilk fried chicken thighs, 2 organic runny poached eggs on lightly-toasted English muffins topped with Hollandaise.  Since the fried chicken was already crispy (in an airy way), the softer English muffin worked.  Otherwise, it would've crunchy on crunchy.  The chicken thigh was juicy while nicely seasoned.  That Hollandaise was rich and creamy with mild acidity.  Crispy and well-seasoned, the potato wedges were soft and fluffy inside.  Even the salad was was on point with fresh organic greens with a sweet acidic vinaigrette, shaved parm and a slice of fig.

Our last dish was something sweet in the Maple Butter French Toast topped with house-made moscato berry compote and accompanied by whipped cream, banana, warm maple butter and farmer's sausage.  The thick-cut French toast was completely soaked through, hence it was almost like bread pudding inside with a soft eggy texture.  Outside, it was well-seared and aromatic.  Sweetness and moisture was added by the compote while the big scoop of whipped cream added cool creaminess.  That maple butter added another layer of sweetness and flavour.  Loved the sausage as it was meaty while juicy with a good amount of herbs.  Absolutely loved the brunch here and especially appreciated the sincere service and gratitude from the family-run business.  We could really tell they cared about their customers, food quality and cleanliness of the restaurant.

The Good:
- Well-prepared and tasty food
- Generous portions
- Lovely people

The Bad:
- Well, far for everyone other than people who live in Abby and the Wac


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