Sherman's Food Adventures: Toast to Coast

Toast to Coast

It is nice to see more and more dedicated brunch spots opening up in the Lower Mainland.  For the longest time, it seemed like we only had several options that were neither chains nor hotel restaurants.  One of these newer spots is Toast to Coast out in Steveston.  Yes, it isn't the closest place for me to dine at, but hey, I travel for food!  The place is extremely small, so be sure to get there early.  Also, even if you do get there early (as we did), don't expect big spacious tables far apart from each other.  We did request a bigger table (with the promise that we would order enough food for 4 people), but were denied that opportunity.  Therefore, I only was able to get 3 dishes to fit at our table (and I didn't want to course it out either).

So we started with the Korean Eggs Benny that was served on perfectly prepared crustless toast.  Underneath the runny poached egg, there was tender and well-seasoned bulgolgi beef.  It was sweet and definitely added a Korean flavour to the dish.  The thick and rich Hollandaise was creamy with an appealing butteriness.  I would've liked a bit more acidity, but it was still fine as it was.  On the side, we found 2 hashblocks that were super crunchy.

Of course, when I saw the Eye Poppin' Good Burger (aka Chicken Burger) on the menu, I had to get it!  It featured a large piece of dark meat Korean fried chicken with coleslaw, sprouts and pickles.  This was a respectable chicken sammie with a nicely toasted soft bun and juicy fried chicken.  The batter was crunchy and well-seasoned.  The sandwich ate a bit sweet, but the coleslaw added some tang and crunch.

We also had the Waffles with powered sugar on top.  These were pretty decent with a somewhat crispy exterior giving way to a soft interior.  It was aromatic and lightly sweet.  Overall, the food at Toast to Coast was not bad, but one thing that bothered us was the price point.  The benny was $26.00 and the burger was $25.00.  I do realize that it is located in Steveston, but when their Korean Bowl is $30.00, we are talking about Downtown prices (maybe even more expensive than Downtown).  Personally, I would be happy heading down to Grillzilla Bistro on Victoria Drive for a lot less money.

The Good:
- Pretty tasty eats
- Good service
- Quaint location

The Bad:
- Expensive
- Very tight seating arrangements


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