Sherman's Food Adventures: Paratha 2 Pasta

Paratha 2 Pasta

With a name like Paratha 2 Pasta, you'd expect there to be noodles right?  Maybe Indian-style perhaps?  Well I've heard from friends that they do indeed have pasta and it was pretty good.  I checked the online Doordash menu and yes it is there order.  However, Jacqueline and I didn't have any pasta.  Rather we went straight into the Indian dishes and didn't look back.  Loved the cute robots delivering our food.  Such a gimmick, but hey, we don't mind it!

Before we got to the food, we had a variety of drinks including the Punjab Da Famous Mango Shake, Strawberry Daiquiri, Mojito and Candylicious.  Really enjoyed the mango shake as it was thick, but drinkable.  Lots of flavour and the added fruit was oddly appealing with texture.  The daiquiri was a bit icy, but tasted good and not too boozy.  Mojito was also tasty and refreshing.  Finally, the Candylicious came with a bubble on top and was a nice novelty.

Onto the eats, we tried both the Noodle Burger and the Spicy Chicken Burger.  Both came with starch-covered fries.  I found them to be quite good with the carb-on-carb noodle burger surprisingly tasty.  The al dente noodles were nicely seasoned and came with a potato patty, onion, tomato and spiced mayo.  I found the chicken burger to be rather spicy and impactful.  The chicken itself was tender and juicy.  Loved the combination of tangy and heat.

Arriving on a sizzling cast iron plate, we had the Tandoori Chicken consisting of 3 drumsticks and 3 thighs.  This was probably one of the juiciest versions of this dish I've ever had.  Even though the chicken was charred on the outside, the meat on was super tender and moist.  Moreover, the yogurt marinade penetrated the meat and it was nicely spiced.  Really enjoyed the mayo dip that came with the dish.

I've had Indian-style nachos at other places along Scott Road, but the Butter Chicken Nachos here was possibly one of the best versions.  Loaded with melted cheese, each chip was totally covered. Hence, there was no shortage of textures and flavours.  That included the creamy butter chicken sauce that had good spice and tang.  The big chunks of chicken breast were still moist and tender.

Continuing with the appies, we had the Chicken Deep Fried Momos. Firmly crunchy on the outside, the filling of the momo was tender.  There was a good amount of chicken and veggies inside that were moist and juicy.  There was enough seasoning that the filling had a good balance of sweet and savoury.  I particularly enjoyed that the dumplings were not greasy despite being deep fried.  The chili sauce on the side added the necessary spice.

Another fantastic deep-fried dish was the Kurkure Chicken Roll.  This looked heavy at first, but ultimately the fried roll was actually rather light.  The crispy exterior was thin and easily eated while the rest of the layers were soft and fluffy.  Inside, the chicken was tender and completely coated in melted cheese and peppers.  So messy, crunchy and tasty.  This roll was one of my favourite items for the meal.

Looking like a pizza pocket or an Italian Trapizzino, the Szechuan Chicken Pocket Kulcha featured a good amount of tangy, sweet and spicy sauce.  Hidden within, there was tender pieces of chicken much like the chicken roll.  Those bread pockets were super soft and light.  Biting into them, it was almost as if there was nothing there.  That made the pockets much lighter than they appeared.

Of course we couldn't dine at Paratha 2 Pasta without actually ordering some praratha right?  So we got the Chicken Curry that came with 2 Plain Paratha.  This looked rather unassuming, but I assure you, it was plenty delicious.  The chicken curry was rich and fatty (in a good way) with noted spice and plenty of spices.  The chicken had been cooked down enough that it soaked up all the flavours as well as being fork tender.  The paratha was chewy, yet not overly heavy especially for an unleavened bread.

We didn't stop there as we also got the Paneer Paratha stuffed with cheese and spices.  This ate very differently than the plain version.  It was much more robust in texture.  It was also fluffier inside beyond the firm exterior.  On that inside, the cheese and spices added considerable body and impact.  There was definitely a cheesiness accented by the spices.  Loved dipping it into the yogurt on the side, but the butter was also great.

Lastly, we had the Chole Halwa Puri Plate featuring deep fried wheat bread accompanied by chickpea curry.  This fry bread was crispy while fluffy in the middle.  Being fry bread, it was on the greasier side though.  The chickpea curry was flavourful and sweet from the onions while earthy from the spices.  Overall, we were rather impressed with the food from P2P.  Portions were large and prices were reasonable.  Didn't get to try the pasta or some of their other curries.  Would come back to have them next time!

*This post featured complimentary food and beverages

The Good:
- Delicious eats
- Large portions
- Cute robot servers

The Bad:
- Menu is probably a bit too large, totally missed the pasta while scrolling through it!


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