Sherman's Food Adventures: Yam It

Yam It

It has been awhile since I've been out to Langley, especially the area along Fraser Hwy that sports a plethora of shopping and restaurants.  Interestingly, I'm back out there to visit a place I've been to before, but has since changed concepts.  Gone is Mr. Chicken and their excellent KFC, replaced by a Korean snack shop called Yam It.  If you are wondering why the strange name, they serve some pretty tasty fried yams.

So this wouldn't be a Korean snack shop without rice cakes right?  So we had the Sokkochi featuring European cocktail wiener and freshly-made rice cake skewer.  This was prepared properly where the rice cakes had a chewy texture, yet gave way to softer insides.  Totally loved the European cocktail wiener as it had a firm snap casing on the outside.  Once past that, the unmistakable taste of European wiener was welcomed.  The spicy and sweet glaze on the outside added the necessary and usual flavours.

Another delicious snack was the Curry Buns stuffed with beef, glass noodles,  and pepper while topped with curry and green onions.  These were fluffy and airy while coated with a crispy panko.  Although deep-fried, these were not greasy and the bun itself did not soak up much grease.  I found the beef filling to be well-portioned and moist.  The curry sauce on the outside was balanced with sweetness and a touch of spice.

Next, we had the Yam Set featuring Yam It (fried sweet potatoes, honey, vanilla ice cream, walnuts and almonds), Gamjaya (Korean-style potatoes), Sokkochi and Korean Trio Corn Dog.  Oh there was a lot going on here, but the fried yams really stood out.  They were crispy and sweet.  Very addictive.  Their version of Korean-potatoes were deep-fried and appealingly crispy.  Featuring the same European cocktail wiener, the corn dogs were flavourful with a fluffy interior and crunchy exterior.

Next, we had some compact versions of Bibimbap including a vegetarian version with kimchi.  As you can see from our spoonfuls, there was no shortage of ingredients.  This made for a hearty bowl, despite being small.  The rice was appealingly chewy and not too wet, which meant it didn't get soggy with all the ingredients.  My only wish here was that the fried egg was cooked a bit less, so I would have some runny yolk.

Lastly, we had the fantastic Cornscream.  Yes, this concoction combined ice cream with corn and citron jam atop a large fried pastry.  OMG, this was awesome!  The pops of sweetness from the corn complimented the neutral-tasting ice cream.  Add in the jam and there was plenty of sweetness to go around.  Very addictive.  In general, the snacks at Yam It were tasty and reasonably-priced.  Especially enjoyed their signature Yam it and Cornscream.

*This post features complimentary items

The Good:
- Interesting eats
- Reasonably-priced
- That Yam It and Cornscream!

The Bad:
- Would like to see more items added to the menu in the future
- Egg in bibimbap could've been runnier


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