Sherman's Food Adventures: Showshaa - The Modern Taproom

Showshaa - The Modern Taproom

Wow, the third South Surrey post in a row!  This must be some sort of record...  Well, it wasn't smooth sailing this time around as not only we hit rush hour traffic, there was an overturned car on Hwy 99.  Yah, that took us a long time to get there.  Also, I accidentally deleted the picture of the restaurant, so the one here is from Foodology (who is nice enough to let me use it!).  As you can see, the restaurant is Showshaa and they are yet another bougie Indian restaurant that offers up modern dishes within a classy dining space.

Since we were here during Happy Hour, we sampled a few items from that menu including the Sesame Paneer Fingers with a sweet and spicy chili sauce.  Nice presentation being served in its own shot glasses and dip.  It was practical too since we could double-dip to our hearts content.  I found the dip necessary too as the sticks themselves were all about texture and needed something something.  About that texture, the outside was crunchy while the inside was the usual soft squishiness of paneer.

Next up, we had the Mumbai Spiced Prawns served with a creamy dip.  Honestly, I didn't even use the dip as the prawns themselves were a flavour bomb.  The red chili powder not only gave the prawns an appealing colour, there was some earthy spice to them.  I did use the lemon wedge to bring some brightness to the dish though.  Prawn texture was on point too with a meaty snap and a slight exterior crunch.

Staying with small fried bites, we got the Fish Pakora served with tartar sauce and creamy mint chutney.  The large chunks of Pacific cod were moist and flaky while the batter was crispy and light.  Nice earthiness from the marinade and the spices in the batter.  I did dip these in the chutney and it was creamy with definite herb notes while being bright as well.

Yes, here is another fried item in the Chicken Lollipops but believe me, they fry things beautifully at Showshaa!  These "Frenched" chicken drumettes had all of the meat bunched up at the end and that created a pocket of juiciness while the outside was supremely crunchy.  These were good on their own, but dunking them into the hot garlic sauce on the side meant there was some real flavour going on.

One of the more interesting dishes was the Showshaa Signature Sizzler with chicken tikka, cheesy Szechuan sauce, rice, fries and vegetables.  This was a mess of food figuratively and literally.  Such zestiness with sweet, tang and spice combined with tender pieces of chicken.  Not only was the rice a nice way to enjoy the sauce, the fries were equally enjoyable in a poutine-like manner.

One of their best Happy Hour deals is the Butter Chicken Combo complete with naan and rice for only $16.99!  How many places can you get a complete meal for that price these days?  Well, price is one thing, but how about execution?  As you can see, the naan was nicely blistered with a crispy bottom while the rest of it was soft with an appealing chew.  The butter chicken featured tender chunks of thigh meat while the sauce was creamy and rich.  It had mild tomato notes, smokiness and a medium spice level.

Attractively-plated, the Mixed Grill Board featured Soya Chaap, Chicken Tikka, Tandoori Fish, and Malai Chicken Tikka.  We found naan sticks in the middle as well as a host of sauces.  I found most of the meats to be nicely charred and marinated while tender.  However, the fish was a bit over done.  Loved the naan sticks as they were crispy with some pleasant elasticity.  This was a very good sharing platter that had curb appeal.

We finished strong with a host of curries including Lamb Rogen Josh,
Chicken Korma, Coconut Fish Curry Mata Malai Methi and   Amritsari Cholay.  These were on point and delicious.  I particularly loved the fish curry as it was aromatic and sweet.  The lamb was tender with plenty of the usual fall-flavour spices.  Chicken korma was nutty and sweet while the chickpea curry was sweet with some spice.  Finally, the mata malai methi was full of sweet peas in a creamy mild curry.  Overall, the food at Showshaa is good and well-portioned.  Love the dining space and they really like to put on a show with their drinks and plating of the food.  Good option out in South Surrey for Northern Indian cuisine.

*All food and beverages were complimentary for this blog post*

The Good:
- Solid eats
- Well-portioned
- A little bit of glitz

The Bad:
- Many dishes are not authentic and won't please the authenticity police, but I find the fusion to be quite good


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