Sherman's Food Adventures: The Wooden Spoon

The Wooden Spoon

Wow, we are on a roll with restaurants I have not revisited in a long time.  This is especially true with spots in South Surrey/White Rock (there will be some more upcoming ones from this area!).  I originally dined at the Wooden Spoon over 10 years ago and then a few more times since then.  I always thought their brunch was very good and could challenge for the best in the GVRD.  We were invited back to try some classics as well as many new favourites. No, they didn't have to ask twice!

Going in order from the menu, we went for a Benny in the Bay Benny with 
crispy Cajun prawns, tomato jam, guacamole and smoked paprika.  This was very delicious where 
the Champagne 
Hollandaise was velvety and surprisingly bright-tasting.  Mind you, with the spiced prawns, these were the main flavouring agent in this dish.  Loved the chive cheddar biscuit as the base since it was buttery and soft with a crispy shell.  Egg was soft-poached and added moisture to soften the crispy parts.  Side of herb & garlic baby potatoes were soft and creamy on the inside with an aromatic taste.

Next up was the Pulled Pork Hash with house-made BBQ sauce, roasted bell peppers & onion, pulled pork, crisp baby potatoes, crispy shallots, chive gremolata and sunny side eggs.  This was a fulfilling and almost zesty-tasting concoction.  I say almost because it really wasn't spicy per se, but it was flavourful in an intensely sweet and tangy way.  The perfectly sunny side eggs added the silkiness of the yolks while the gremolata provided an herbed brightness.

Possibly their most classic brunch offering is the Sweet & Salty featuring French loaf, aged cheddar, double-smoked bacon, poached
eggs, Champagne Hollandaise, Maple syrup and chive gremolata.  As its name suggests, the whole premise behind this dish is that it meshes savoury with sweet.  It was completely achieved with the syrup mixing with the smoky saltiness of the bacon.  Moreover, the Hollandaise made the entire dish creamy, yet not heavy.  Nice textures were at play too with the crispiness of the bacon, crunch from the crust and also the stringiness of the cheese.

Onto the breakie sammie section of the menu, we decided to try the Sausage & Biscuit sporting pork sausage patty, scrambled egg, aged cheddar, garlic mayo and cheddar chive biscuit.  Looking at the picture, this had Pine State written all over it, except I liked the biscuit at Wooden Spoon more.  This was crispy on the outside, while full-flavoured and soft on the inside.  Add in the meaty home-style pork sausage with the melted cheese and creamy eggs, there was no shortage of classic breakfast flavours and textures.  You would be full on this sammie.

Looking quite inconspicuous, the Steak & Egg brioche bun hid shaved ribeye, house-made BBQ sauce, sunny egg, aged cheddar and horseradish mayo.  Unlike most breakfast sandwiches on brioche, this one had more richness due to the fatty ribeye.  The popped egg yolk provided the necessary moisture to soften the thinly sliced meat.  Horseradish mayo did its job providing a tangy creamy heat.  Side of fresh-cut fries were good too being crispy.

Off to something sweet, we tried Nana's House French Toast with banana mascarpone, caramel, whipped cream, chocolate chips and sliced banana.  We made it a Dad's Plate and added 2 slices of double-smoked bacon and a chicken apple sausage.  Yah, this was pretty awesome as the bread was properly soaked where it was custardy in the middle while the outside was aromatic and slightly crispy.  The banana aroma permeated through the entire dish while the sweetness was just right.

Going in a completely different direction in relation to the other dishes we had, the Smoothie Bowl brought back memories of Carioca Bowls in Portland.  It was a combination of fresh berries, coconut milk, almonds, pumpkin seeds and granola with a side of vegan banana bread.  It was almost like a palate cleanser with a cold and refreshing fruitiness.  Nice texture from the nuts, seeds and granola.  Oh and that banana bread... So freakin' awesome!  Super moist with a balance sweetness and a smoky caramelized bark.

From there, we ordered off the lunch menu with the BBQ Smoked Meat Poutine firmly in our sights.  This was made up of BBQ Montreal smoked meat ends, cheese curds, homestyle gravy, fries, crispy shallots and chive gremolata.  Oh yes, this was even better than it sounded!  With a base of the same crispy fries, it was a nice canvas for the rich (not salty) gravy and melted cheese curds.  Naturally, the tender smoked meat was the star.

Of course we were going to ordered the OG Spoon Burger as well!  This thing was pretty large with 2 smashed beef patties, aged cheddar, Co Sauce, double smoked bacon, crispy onion ring, pickle and arugula on brioche.  Yah, this was no sissy burger because they loaded up with the thick bacon and there was no shortage of moist beef.  The soft brioche formed to hug all the ingredients so we had a little of everything in each bite.

Completing our selections from the lunch section, we had the Mac & Cheese topped with breadcrumbs and parmesan.  We added bacon for good measure.  This featured al dente noodles that held onto the cheese sauce quite well.  There was enough of it to keep things saucy and cheesy.  I would've liked a bit more sharpness, but it was still well-seasoned and the bacon didn't hurt either.

So we ended things on a sweet note with the Cinnamon Bun and also the Sticky Toffee Pudding.  With a cream cheese frosting, the cinnamon bun was full of sweetness and of course, cinnamon.  It was soft and best shared (which we did) after such a filling brunch.  As for the sticky toffee pudding, it was moist and full of rich smoky sweetness.  It wasn't crazy sweet though compared to other versions I've had.

Our final item was something we were looking forward to since walking in the door.  They had 2 featured Malasadas that were as good as the ones I've had at Leonard's in Oahu.  They were light but still had an appealing chewiness.  They have rotating flavours, so be sure to call ahead to check.  Oh and don't go too late in the day as they sell out fast!  Gotta say this visit to the Wooden Spoon exceeded my expectations.  As mentioned, I've been here several times in the past and this time was even better.  Worth the drive out to White Rock!

*All food and beverages were complimentary for this post*

The Good:
- Delicious food across the board
- Good portion sizes
- Those malasadas!

The Bad:
- Well, far for most people, but worth it!
- It gets rather busy, but yah, it is good duh...


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