Sherman's Food Adventures: Bistro & Co Rooftop Bar

Bistro & Co Rooftop Bar

After an early morning in Pisa catching our first bus to Genoa, then having a 3-hour layover and ultimately taking another bus to Nice, we still had to pick up our rental car at the airport.  That meant we checked into our hotel at 8:00pm completing our 12-hour journey.  However, we still needed to grab dinner.  After tracking down a grocery store that was open and acquiring some water and snacks, we made our way to a random place called Bistro & Co Rooftop Bar in Antibes.  We snagged the last parking spot in the lot (which was an omen to what we were going to experience later).

Heading upstairs, we could hear the awesome live music as well as the energetic vibe of the place.  Unlike some of the more traditional restaurants we've had in the past week or so, Bistro & Co offers up a huge rigatoni menu as well as burgers and other North American dishes.  Even though I was pasta'd out, I went for the Rigatoni Bolognese just to see why the section was so huge.  Now this was more of American Italian pasta and in that respect, it was good.  The tubes of rigatoni were al dente while the meat sauce was balanced and there was a good amount of cheese baked on the top.

For my son, he was craving a burger and hence got the L'Oncle Sam with bacon, crispy hashbrown, tomato, onion ring, BBQ sauce and cheddar sauce. plenty of BBQ ingredients.  This was an absolutely massive burger with 2 patties (cooked to medium) and a crispy hashbrown.   I guess this was a ode to the States due to its components and considerable size.  This was actually quite good and the fresh-cut fries were crispy too.

My daughter had the Pavé de Salmon with a soy, honey & sesame glaze as well as rice and vegetables. and it was not bad with it being moist and flaky but could've been cooked just a little less.  The sauce was predictably Asian-tasting with a good balance between sweet and salty.  The veggies on the side were a little overdone while the rice was on the drier side, but worked well with the sauce.

Viv had the Escalope de Volaille Panée with housecut fries and salad.  She also got a side of Béarnaise sauce as well.  Good thing because the chicken breast was dry and chewy.  We did enjoy the crunchy breading though and the same house-cut fries though.  Overall, the food at Bistro & Co was decent and brought back memories of North American fare.  Loved the vibe and also the complimentary drink to start the meal.

The Good:
- Energetic Vibe
- Fairly decent eats
- Good portions

The Bad:
- The parking lot fills up fast


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