Sherman's Food Adventures: Perché No!

Perché No!

Most popular versions of the story say that the birthplace of Gelato is in Florence by Bernardo Buontalenti.  For those unfamiliar, gelato is not ice cream because it is made with milk.  Hence it has less fat, but in turn it has more sugar.  So don't suddenly think it is a health food.  It also has less air in it as it is churned more slowly than ice cream.  So the first thing after lunch in Florence was to hit up Perché No! and get us some gelato!

For myself, I didn't do any sorbetto this time around, not because I didn't want any, but the person preparing my cup didn't hear me asking for Mora (which is blackberry).  Rather, my whole cup was only Pistachio Gelato.  Not necessarily a bad thing as the flavour was quite good with the aromatic nuttiness of pistachio coming through.  I found this gelato to be a bit less creamy though and sweeter.

Viv went for some Matcha and Coffee thinking it was breakfast time?  You can have gelato for breakfast right?  Anyways, as you can see, this was melting real fast since Florence was a toasty 37 degrees Celsius.  Furthermore, gelato is supposed to melt fast due to the lack of any stabilizers added.  With that being said, this was very soft and not as creamy as Frigidarium in Rome.  Flavours were nice though as the matcha came through without being too bitter and the coffee was rather aromatic.

For my son, he didn't stray from his favourites in the Strachiatella and Chocolate.  Once again, the flavours were really impactful as the sweetness of the strachiatella was appealing.  We could taste the natural sweetness and flavour of the milk further enhanced by the sugar.  Of course the chocolate shavings were welcomed.  The chocolate was also sweet and due to that, it was less bitter and not at dark as he would've liked.

Lastly, my daughter had the Limone and Strawberry Sorbettos.  She is more into that rather than gelato due to the heat.  It is more refreshing and for her, she needs that as she hates the heat.  Should've went to Greenland instead right?  She found her sorbetto to be light and smooth.  Both flavours were sweet with the limone being less tangy than others we've had.  Overall, the gelato at Perché No! was good, but we still like Frigidarium more (yes I know it is in a totally different region and city in Italy..).

The Good:
- Lighter if that is your preference
- Flavours were apparent

The Bad:
- Sweeter than others we've had


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