Sherman's Food Adventures: Harvest Buffet

Harvest Buffet

Ever since I caught wind of Harvest Buffet in Tacoma on IG, I really wanted to check it out.  Even though I like Feast buffet in Renton, I needed an alternative in the area for comparison.  Sure, there are other Asian buffets in the region, but not to the size and selection as Feast.  So on our way back from Portland, we made a stop at Harvest for an early dinner.  Upon entering the place, we noticed similarities with Feast.  Multiple food stations including a made-to-order noodles and a Mongolian grill.

But for the kids, it was all about the Sushi and really, there was a considerable selection of rolls and nigiri.  Naturally, many of the rolls were based on a California roll, but most of them were decent.  I found the sushi rice to be fairly on point, especially for a buffet.  As you can see, the nigiri was acceptable as well with a good fish-to-rice ratio.  The fish quality was also decent. They did a good job keeping most of the options well-stocked.

I personally love Soup and I swear I have an extra stomach just for that.  So I decided to try out 3 of the available 5 options (Hot & Sour, Miso, Wonton, Egg Drop and Coconut Taro Tapioca).  The Hot & Sour was surprisingly flavorful with spice and vinegariness.  Egg drop was rather bland, but the fluffy egg was appealing.  Wonton soup didn't taste like it should be, but was still okay.  Wontons were alright.  Meat was a bit weird in texture though.

Nearly the entire back wall of the restaurant was dedicated to Chinese Food (or something related to Asian cuisine) and the picture above is only one section of 4. I thought most of it was mediocre at best.  For instance, the broccoli beef featured meat that was far too overmarinated that it became too soft.  At the very least, the broccoli wasn't completely overdone.  Same with the green beans.  That was a positive.  Orange chicken had a dense texture and the sauce was sweet but lacking tang.

So the Chinese food also featured some Seafood including fried crab, honey shrimp, clams and baked mussels.  The crab was not very good as the meat was mushy, but that was to be expected with frozen crab.  Shrimp was actually quite good as well as the buttery black bean clams.  Mussels were motoyaki style and were serviceable.  There was also roast beef and that was cooked to well-done.  It was a bit dry.

Continuing on the Chinese theme, there was a small section with a variety of Dim Sum.  Most of them were some form of steamed bun while we also found Lo Mei Gai (sticky rice), Siu Mai, Beef Tripe and Chicken Feet.  The sticky rice was not bad being flavorful albeit rather wet.  The tripe was very tender, almost a bit too much as there was no bite.  Chicken feet were not fried/steamed enough as the skin and cartilage was a bit hard.  Siu mai were terrible.  Meat was mushy and it tasted weird, like there was too much onion (and there shouldn't be onion in siu mai).  The steamed bun was ok, but a bit stiff.

Over at the Mongolie Grill, there was a selection of meats, noodles and veggies.  There was also sirloin steak available.  I went for a mix of items and choose garlic and teriyaki as my sauces.  The items were cooked up nicely were the noodles were chewy while the meats were not overdone.  Veggies still had some crunch.  No absence of flavor either.  The steak was unfortunately quite chewy.  Adjacent to this was the noodle station and you could add a variety of meats and veggies to it.

Onto Desserts, we found a small section of treats and around the corner, there was a selection of fruit. Also available was hard ice cream available.  The desserts were serviceable but nothing special.  Fruit was fresh and the ice cream was good.  Overall, I found Harvest Buffet to be "okay".  Sushi and Mongolian grill were the highlights while the cooked food was serviceable.  The selection was massive though, especially for the price of $25.00 for adult weekend dinner.

The Good:
- Huge selection of eats
- Decent sushi
- Good Mongolian grill

The Bad:

- Cooked food is average
- Desserts are lacklustre


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