Sherman's Food Adventures: Gotham


Although I've been to Gotham a few times since my last blog post, I haven't actually been enthusiastic enough to blog about it again.  It isn't as if the food hasn't been good.  Rather, it has been consistently great along with the service.  This time around, I thought that I needed to do an updated post about one of Vancouver's premier steakhouses.  I've actually merged 2 visits into this one post just to have a bit more content.

So a visit to Gotham is not complete without their Cheese Bread.  I know, I know, it should really be a steak, but beyond that, the bread is fantastic.  For both meals, it was served hot with a mess of ooey gooey cheese atop heavily buttered bread.  The bottom was lightly crispy while the cheese was aromatic and provided a delicious saltiness.  Yes, this was not diet food, but worth all the calories.  Just commit to it and worry about it later!

Although not the biggest Crab Cake we've ever seen, the one here at Gotham was fantastic.  It was completely filled with fluffy crab with very little filler.  There was enough mayo and moisture to keep things delicate and not dry.  It was lightly coated with breading that was browned up nicely on both sides.  Yes, this was prepared properly pan-fried, not deep-fried.  Underneath, the pickled cucumbers added some acidity while the jalapeno tartar sauce was creamy with a slight kick.

Not normally on the regular menu, the Lobster Bisque was a feature for one of our meals and duh, we had to get it!  This was everything a lobster bisque should be with a rich silky texture that was full of depth and intense lobster aroma.  In addition, we could also taste the remnants of brandy that had been cooked down properly.  There was equals parts sweetness and saltiness in addition to the umaminess.  Some crème fraîche added more creaminess to the bisque.

Onto the steaks, our first visit was all about the 32oz Bone-In Ribeye prepared medium-rare.  This was one large steak that was thick cut and prepared perfectly.  There was an appealing char on the outside that also has some smokiness.  The steak was well-salted, hence it ate well on its own.  The meat was super tender and juicy where the meat flavour was uniformly apparent with each bite.  The cook on the steak was the same throughout.

For the second meal, we ordered the 20oz Bone-In Ribeye also prepared medium-rare.  Since it was a smaller steak, it was less thick.  Yet, the steak was still uniformly medium-rare, well-rested and buttery tender.  That is pretty impressive for a ribeye.  Once again, it was well-seasoned and also properly charred on the outside.  If I had to compare, I preferred the thicker cut of the 32oz as it was meatier in texture and flavour.  I would recommend you go for that one.

To get some variety and for comparison's sake, we got the 16oz Striploin also prepared medium-rare.  This was a long piece of steak with a smaller end, so that part was more medium.  This steak was a little less tender than the ribeye and of course, due to having less fat, it was not as meaty tasting.  That didn't mean it didn't taste good though as it was salted well and the char was even on both sides.  Again, it was well-rested with not pools of juices on the plate.

For our sides, we got the French Fries both times and I have to admit that they are only serviceable.  Although fried to golden brown, the fries were not that crunchy for either meal.  Now that wasn't a problem for the Portobello Mushroom Fries though.  Coated with breading, these were crunchy in both meals and juicy on the inside.  A pretty impressive feat since mushrooms release a lot of moisture.  The side of creamy ranch dip went well with these fries.

As for some veggies, we had the Roasted Broccoli with cheese sauce and the Creamed Corn.  Loved the texture of the broccoli as the florets were firm but cooked through.  Nice charred portions that were smoky and flavourful.  Cheese sauce was mild-tasting.  The creamed corn was fantastic with intensely sweet niblets that were tender but not mushy.  The cream was not that thick, but that was a good thing as the dish was not heavy.

For dessert, had the Old Fashioned Chocolate Brownie with ice cream and the Key Lime Pie.  The brownie was rich and chocolatey with walnuts.  It was sweet, but not overly so.  The key lime pie was my favourite where it was super tangy with a balancing sweetness.  The condensed milk added a rich creaminess to the pie filling where it was thick, but not heavy.  The crust was buttery while firm in texture.  So another delicious meal at Gotham.  Sure, it ain't cheap to eat here, but I've never been disappointed by their food.  I personally like Elisa more, but you can't go wrong with Gotham either.

The Good:
- Beautifully cooked steaks
- Excellent service
- That cheese bread!

The Bad:
- Of course it is expensive
- The fries are a bit disappointing


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