Sherman's Food Adventures: Sushi Club

Sushi Club

Okay, laugh if you want.  Insult me if you want.  Heck, you can just stop reading right now if you want.  Yes, I actually ate AYCE (all-you-can-eat) sushi in Paris.  We actually spotted Sushi Club a few times as we walked around the Bastille area after we had our meal at Clamato.  Prices seemed reasonable and in reality, the kids just wanted something different (just like when we were in Rome and Pisa).  So after a long morning and part of the afternoon at the Palace of Versailles, we trained it back to have some late lunch.

For 14.80 Euros, we could eat all the mediocre Japanese food we wanted.  But sometimes, that is all it takes...  So we started with an assortment of fried things including Chicken Karaage, Fried Veggies and Japanese Chicken Spring Rolls.  Not really sure that chicken karaage should be coated in a panko, but it was good nonetheless.  Chicken was moist and the outside was crunchy.  Same could be said about the veggies as they were definitely crunchy.  Not a fan of the spring rolls as they were a little dense.  But they were also crunchy!

Next, we got some Salmon and Tuna Nigiri as well as some Maki Sushi.  I have to say that the rice was maybe a bit soft, but not overly mushy.  There was some chewiness left, but the rice was a bit bland.  As for the fish, it was actually decent having a nice sheen and fresh taste.  Love that they put cream cheese on top of the "Salmon Cheese".  I didn't like the rice-to-fish ratio as there was too much rice (of course they did, for AYCE).  The rolls were pretty typical and serviceable.

For a 5.50 Euro supplement, we were able to have 10 pieces of Salmon Sashimi (we had 2 orders of that for a total of 20).  I found these to be actually decent and worth the cost.  They were buttery and fresh-tasting.  Also on the lunch menu, we found Brochettes and we got chicken, zucchini, chicken wings, beef & cheese and chicken meatballs.  These were actually quite good with a nice char and being not overcooked.  We had 2 orders of these.

For dessert, we had some strange items in Canned Lychee, Canned Fruit Cocktail and Chinese Peanut Candy.  I guess these were fine as they did the job and were sweet things of some sort.  But whatever the case, the price was right and we just wanted to get something Asian without going high-end.  Sometimes we can't eat gourmet all-the-time and places like these serve a purpose.  Food was okay while the service was a bit slow.  It was friendly though.

The Good:
- Cheap
- Serviceable food
- People are nice

The Bad:
- Food is average at best
- Service was slow  


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