Sherman's Food Adventures: Funk Coffee X Crack-On

Funk Coffee X Crack-On

Not too long ago, I was able to experience the breakfast sammies from Crack-On food truck for the first time.  I ended up having the Crack Sandwich with their infamous thick-cut bacon.  Well, I got to say it was plenty delicious since that bacon was so meaty and hearty while being at its bacon-best with a smoky saltiness.  The rest of the components were on point which made this a satisfying start to the day.  So in addition to their food truck, their breakfast sammies are now available at Funk Coffee in Downtown.  Jacky and I went down early on a Saturday morning to check it out.

Sadly, they didn't have any bacon, so we had to have the Crack Sandwich with Maple sausage instead.  Well, that wasn't necessarily a bad thing as it was still very tasty.  In addition to the sausage, we found a runny yolk fried egg, havarti, candied jalapeno, tomato relish and lemon, garlic & thyme aioli on grilled sourdough.  I found the sausage nicely spiced and moist with an appealing sear.  The runny egg was still fluffy and not rubbery.  Probably the unsung hero in this sammie was the candied jalapeno with a sweet tangy spice.  Add in the extra sweet tang from the relish and creaminess of the aromatic aioli, this was a flavour party in each bite.

Now this was super delicious, but The Beast was equally so.  It featured the same aggressively-buttered crunchy sourdough bread encasing chopped beef patty, fried egg, cheddar, mozzarella, bacon jam, pickled red onions and the same aioli.  This was even more robust than the Crack Sandwich.  This was due to the beef that had much more texture and depth.  It was really meaty with some peppery notes.  With the addition of 2 cheeses, they were plenty hearty and rich.  The bacon jam afforded some tang and sweetness as well as the usual baconness.  Pickled red onions provided crunch and acidity.

So if we had pork and beef, the only one left would be chicken right?  Yep, we then tried the Kickin' Chicken with fried egg, Cajun chicken patty, Havarti, caramelized onions, tomato and the same aioli.  This was different than the other 2 sammies mostly due to the texture of the protein.  Unlike the heaviness of the pork and beef, the chicken was lighter.  It had some good spice and was still plenty juicy.  The caramelized onions added sweetness and some natural onion flavour.  With the tomato, runny egg, creamy havarti and aioli, the sammie ate a bit wet, but the crunchy sourdough held everything together.

Our last breakfast sandwich was a vegan option in the Plant in Love sporting vegan plant-based sausage, hash brown, vegan cheddar, pickled red onion and tomato relish.  Naturally, this ate even more differently than the previous 3 sandwiches.  The "sausage" actually had some meatiness to it, in a softer and looser manner.  It did taste good with sweetness and spice.  Lots of tang in this sandwich due to the other ingredients.  I think the firm crunch from the grilled sourdough helped make things more hearty.  Of course, the hashbrown in the middle added more body to the sammie.

About that Hashbrown, it was a small little thing that was freshly made and only lightly fried.  Hence, the potatoness of the filling was both evident in texture and flavour.  Just like the last time I had it, it was a bit greasy, but hey, it is a hashbrown!  Loved the Old Bay aioli on the side as it had some real spice.  For our drinks, we had the Yame 0-23 Matcha Latte and the Flat White Latte.  I felt these were not only great to look at, they were smooth and balanced.  The matcha had more impact as expected, but not in a bitter nor strong manner.  Better yet, the calm and expansive space really helped make the experience complete.  They also have a photo booth on site and it seems to be super fun to check it with your friends or by yourself!  Really cool stuff, great food and drinks.

*All food and beverages were complimentary for this blog post*

The Good:
- Delicious and filling breaky sammies
- Equally great beverages
- Nice expansive space

The Bad:
- Lots of space, but more seats needed?  Maybe they are limited to that many due to regulations?  When the weather is nice, there is plenty of seating outside though.
- Too bad no bacon on the menu (was it only this time?)


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