Sherman's Food Adventures: Espresso Vivace

Espresso Vivace

I'm the first to admit that I am not a coffee connoisseur. However, that doesn't mean I don't enjoy a cup of Joe. When it comes to coffee expertise, I usually defer to Costanza and/or Vandelay. These 2 are coffee freaks who have really expensive machines in their homes. In fact, Costanza has his built into his cabinets! So while we were down in Seattle for Black Friday, Costanza made it a point to drag me over to Espresso Vivace to experience some real coffee. None of that watered-down sh*t found at Tim's or the burnt stuff from Starbuck's. Hey! I like Tim's! He then laughed at me... Well, I guess that proves my coffee tastes suck...

In need of nourishment, I decided to have a Turkey & Cheese Croissant with my Cafe Latte. I gotta say, even for my amateur coffee palate, it was quite obvious that this was a smooth latte. Naturally, with milk, it wasn't exactly going to be overly bitter. With that being said, I could tell that the coffee was incredibly smooth with a nice finish. In particular, there was a "nice" tart note at the end. Costanza explained that coffee is like wine where there can be certain fruity flavours imbedded in the overall profile. Now I realize that food is not the draw here and that is probably why my Turkey & Cheese Croissant pretty much blew. The pastry itself was hard and not really all that buttery. I actually had a difficult time chewing it. Ah whatever, they're not a pastry shop.

For Costanza, he merely had the basic Americano. I took a sip and yes, this was indeed a good coffee. You know when there is a moment of enlightenment and suddenly everything seems clear? Well, this was the moment complete with that music you would normally hear in the movies when something like that happens. Finally, I understood what a good coffee should be about. It ain't Tim's, it most certainly is not Starbuck's (however, people do still like it) and it is really not the stuff you get at any random restaurant. This was like wine where I experienced flavours that I would never associate with coffee. Could it be that I will actually start to enjoy coffee like it's meant to be? Well, at least this is a start...

The Good:
- Damn good coffee

The Bad:
- Just get the coffee, the pastries are so-so


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