Sherman's Food Adventures: Sunset Burgers

Sunset Burgers

*Now closed*

Driving down Nelson in Downtown Vancouver about 2 months ago, I noticed a new burger joint next to the Commune Cafe. That was shortly after my visit to Stackhouse and it made me think, "another burger joint?" I filed it away in my mind and made a point of it to try it out soon. Well, somehow I either had amnesia or just got distracted with other eats because it took me this long to finally go eat there. In fact, I only remembered the place after passing by it once again after grabbing some eats with Vandelay. Fate would have it, a Living Social deal for Sunset Burgers showed up online. I quickly bought the voucher and went the week after, again with Vandelay.

Their beef burgers are exclusively made with Kobe and are reflected in the prices (ranging from $5.49 - $7.59 without fries). Vandelay went for the Bacon Cheeseburger and made it a combo (fries & drink) for an extra $3.29. As evidenced in the picture, the burger was not very big. In fact, without the lettuce and tomato, it would come close to the size of a Nimby burger. The meat patty was fairly loose and moist due to the high fat content. Nothing particularly bad about the burger, yet nothing memorable as well. However, the bun was fantastic. It was soft and had a pleasant airy texture while still holding up to the ingredients. As for the fries, they were of the fresh cut variety. We found they fairly crisp and pretty good.

To change it up a bit, I went for the Chicken Burger with mushrooms (no charge) and a slice of Swiss cheese. Despite going for a whole wheat bun, it was still very good much like its regular counterpart. The chicken breast was decent being not overly dry and kissed with a touch of seasoning. Instead of regular fries, I opted for the Poutine, which seemed to be short on the cheese curds. Furthermore, the gravy was a touch salty for my tastes. Yet in the end, it was okay I suppose because I did like the fries. I'm not sure what to make of Sunset Burgers. It's not like we disliked our meal. However, we were neither really full nor impressed with the value. Sure, they do use Kobe beef, but in our opinion, it would be better that they used regular chuck and lower their price points.

The Good:
- Funky 80's decor
- Loved their buns (the bread, get your mind outta the gutter!)
- Friendly staff

The Bad:
- Expensive, despite the use of Kobe beef
- Not really a bad, but playing 80's music would greatly enhance the overall theme

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