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Burger Heaven

When I first starting blogging, one of my earlier posts was on Burger Heaven. I remember it vividly because I used my Blackberry to take pictures and looking back, they sure looked horrible. At the time, they still offered 2-for-1 with an Entertainment coupon, but sadly, that is now gone. Oh well, I guess where there is success, discounts need not apply right? Burger Heaven has been high on my re-visit list for quite awhile, not only because of the crappy photos though. You see, I've always been intrigued with their Ernie's Mile High Burger. Consisting of 8 patties totaling 2.5 pounds of beef, cheese, mushrooms, bacon and sauce, this was something I needed to eat. Reminded me of the Everest Burger at Hilltop Diner in Langley... Where I had to get Mijune to share it with me since I'm hardly capable of a real Man vs. Food adventure. Hence, I enlisted the help of Miss Y for this eating adventure. This way, there would be no way she could order something ridiculous off the menu. She often orders the most whacked-out item from a place that specializes in anything but the thing she chooses. Case-in-point, she ordered the quiche from the Red Onion. Who eats a freakin' slice of quiche from a burger joint??? What's next? Lasagne at a Japanese restaurant? Wait... I did that...

So about that mile high burger... Pretty impressive I'd say. I queried Miss Y how it felt like to be part of the mile high club and all I heard were crickets... *Awkward* Anyways, the burger was extremely large and there was more than enough food for 4 people, let alone 2. Despite the ample charring on the surface of the patties, the meat was quite moist and a bit greasy (hence it was moist!). The meat was nicely seasoned and I really didn't notice the toppings because we had to deconstruct the thing to eat it. Once again, their famous Potato Wedges didn't disappoint. They were large, crispy and potatoey on the inside. Very good texture. As you may know already, having one item, even if it is insanely large doesn't do a restaurant justice. Therefore, I returned one day with my son after skating for lunch. This time, I had the Kangaroo Burger (which I've had in the past) and a side of Poutine. As expected, the kangaroo meat was on the drier side (leaner meat), yet not terribly so. The burger was still moist and combined with the toppings (beets, fried egg, cheddar, bacon, red onions, lettuce and tomato), it was a quite filling.

Looking at the Poutine, it shouldn't have worked in theory. The large wedge fries and the dark gravy would make some people shy away. However, I enjoyed it for what it was. It was extremely filling due to the large wedges and the abundance of melted cheese curds. Not a traditional poutine, but it never was advertised to be. My son took one look at the menu and only had eyes for the Grilled Cheese. *Sigh* He is definitely not a foodie in the making... Now, after I had left, I figured out they totally messed up the order. I was charged for a kid's meal when all I got was the grilled cheese and fries on a small plate. There should've been a drink and a sundae included. For the food my son got, that cost more than a regular order of grilled cheese. Wonder how they could make such a mistake and not notice. Whatever the case, it was made with real cheddar and a whole lot of butter. Translation - he liked it. And really, after these 2 revisits, I continue to like Burger Heaven. The burgers are unique (elk, kangaroo, lamb etc...), the service is good and the place has a certain charm.

The Good:
- Some unique options
- Solid burger
- Friendly service

The Bad:
- The bill could get up there depending what you order
- It's a small shack, you'd better not be shy

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Kevin | 604 Foodtography said...

No gifs of you eating the Mile High Burger? :P

So did you finish it? 4 patties each+stuff?

How coincidental that we just both posted about massive burgers.

Now I've got a craving..thank god it's only a short walk for me from school :)

Sherman Chan said...

@Kevin LOL, no we in no way shape or form had a chance at finishing it. I think Miss Y gave me a glare when I suggested we joined the Mile High Club together...

Kevin | 604 Foodtography said...

I wonder how my classmates would react to me asking them to join .. heh.

So what'd you do with the leftovers? Doggy bag?

Unknown said...

There is a $10 off when two drinks and another burger is ordered coupon in the New West and Burnaby papers every week. I can often find a coupon online by digging through the digital versions of the newspapers on issu. -kpres

Sherman Chan said...

@Kevin Yes a doggy bag. I made 2 other burgers with the rest of the meat...

@kpres Thanks for the heads up!

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