Sherman's Food Adventures: The Famous Warehouse

The Famous Warehouse

"Gangster shot at the Sheraton Wall Centre" was the headline in the newspaper. Oh that's just great. One day later, we were supposed to attend a conference there. Well, I guess after that, it would probably be the safest hotel out there due to the attention it received. I knew one thing was for sure: we weren't going to eat at the hotel restaurant! Despite this, I heard the food is to die for... Sorry, bad joke. Where we did end up eating lunch, which was The Famous Warehouse,
should've been a crime within itself. Everything on the menu is only $4.95. Seems like an unreal steal of a deal eh? Makes you think of the Ikea commercial where the lady thinks she got something cheaper than it really was. "Start the car!"

The most popular item it seems is their burgers, so there was no choice to what I would order despite 2 other burgers at the table (apparently they weren't going to share!). I chose the Mushroom Jack Burger consisting of premium Alberta beef, tomato, lettuce, pickle, sauteed mushrooms, gravy, macho sauce and Monterey jack on a brioche bun. Considering the price, this was a decent burger. I found the beef rather juicy for being cooked all-the-way-through. It was nicely seasoned as well. I liked how they didn't skimp on the ingredients despite the low cost. Hence, it was a solid burger that had good textures and flavours. Only thing I would've liked was a more moist bun. Seeing how everyone was already having their peppered fries, I substituted mine for the Warehouse Poutine. Unfortunately, mine was a little bit cold by the time it arrived. For a non-traditional poutine (see the cheese), it was okay. The gravy had enough flavour while the fries were a touch limp. I think if they omitted the pepper, the poutine would've been better since that is all I could taste.

Ma had the Mama T's Crunchy Mac 'n Cheese (is that ironic?). Boy this was a large portion for the price (notice the trend?). Arriving with 2 large pieces of focaccia, this was a concoction of cheddar, mozzarella, alfredo, cornflakes, thyme and a Parmesan crust. This was decently cheesy with a nice contrast of textures. Once again, not bad for $4.95! Another item at the table was the Crispy Chicken Caesar Wrap. This was stuffed with fried chicken strips, crisp romaine, maple bacon, Parmesan cheese within a red tortilla. Although a wrap is hardly something to rave about, it was indeed solid. The chicken was moist and crispy at the same time while there was just enough dressing. Didn't hurt that there was crispy bacon either. All of us were pretty satisfied with our meals and that was not taking into account of the cost either. Of course when you start adding extras and ordering booze, the price starts to climb. Yet, if you stay conservative, eating at the Famous Warehouse could cost you about the same as going to McD's.

The Good:
- Cheap (everything is $4.95)
- Food is more than acceptable (even when not looking at the prices)
- The service we got was good

The Bad:
- If you start adding extras or like to booze it up, it is no longer that cheap

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Rich said...

hey! We tried this place in the summer and did not like it! I had the burger and it was okay but the relish was nasty.. Totally ruined it. They charge for refills for soda and ended up paying over $20 for 2 people! We ate at the patio because the inside was too trashy for my girlfriend's taste. And we recommended the big six. Avoid this place, please.

Sherman Chan said...

@Rich Well, I can understand your feelings about that place since some people I know didn't have a good experience. However, to my utter surprise (since I had low expectations), we (and that was all 5 of us) had a good time and the food did the job for the price. Now, as mentioned in my post, it can easily get up there in price if you start adding stuff...

Anonymous said...

@Rich, I went late December and didn't like it.
We ordered the burger, wrap, and poutine-none of which looked like yours...according to their site, they re-did their menu and new head cook since January. Maybe that's the reason for he differences.
So cheap...cheaper than McD's next door.

Unknown said...

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