Sherman's Food Adventures: Announcement


Huh? Where is the post for today??? Yup, that's what some of you might be wondering. Don't worry, I'm still eating. But, after 3+ years of posting everyday, I've decided to only blog on the weekdays from now on. It was a good run. But something had to give. See you right here again Monday!


Davidragonee said...

noooo T^T come back D:

LotusRapper said...

That's too bad, Sherman.

But you prolly had good reasons to decide to do that, so kudos. We'll check back during the week.

Anonymous said...

No problem, take a break. You deserve it,

I'm really impressed that you ate at enough places to post on a daily basis. I'll still follow you as long as you keep blogging.

Personally, everyone tells me to start a blog but I'm too busy eating. Maybe one day.

Have you ever thought of having guest bloggers who share the same sensibilities as you? This would lighten the load and still keep your blog interesting for those of us who are addicted or can't get enough.

Samm Cooper said...

I always wondered how your health and wealth kept up with eating out 7 days a week. Apparently you're human too! :)

Keep on eating for the rest of us!

LotusRapper said...


That's an excellent idea. In fact I've seen the very same done on several forums I'm on (non-food related) where the forum/site owner simply is unable to keep up with the daily blogging, so eventually a team of co-bloggers is developed to contribute.

[raises hand up ......]

Follow Me Foodie said...

Wow that was a really short way to put it lol. After talking to you about this I was expecting to read a longer explanation. This is bittersweet Sherman... blogging everyday certainly catches up... I may follow suit. You're still #1 to all of us!

Sherman Chan said...

Thanks for the encouragement! Yah, there are many reasons I have gone down to 5 times a week. If you look at it, that is still a lot! Many things to consider, such as I only have that much time in a day (and need to spend some time with my kids!). Also, health-wise, it is really not a great idea to eat out that much. Moreover, despite what some people think, eating out costs money and no, I don't get enough advertising revenue nor comps to come out ahead (not even remotely close). I think Mijune said it best to me: it's not a competition or some crazy contest as to who eats out the most, rather, it should come from the heart and done for personal enjoyment.

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