Sherman's Food Adventures: Triple-O's Peanut Butter Bacon Jalapeno Burger

Triple-O's Peanut Butter Bacon Jalapeno Burger

We've seen this story before.  Slap something strange on a burger and voila, gourmet burger.  From short rib to foie gras, there are an endless array of toppings that can transform a "burger" into something either gourmet or exotic. Then how about a burger with bacon and jalapenos?  *Yawn* Boooring.  Okay, let's slap on some chunky peanut butter...  Huh?  Peanut butter?  On a burger??? But there is lettuce, tomato and beef!  The humanity!  Yah, something as simple as peanut butter suddenly puts a burger in the same league as one with foie.
Well, not quite, but it is different at least.  The good people at White Spot wanted me to try their creation and sent me a voucher to do so.  So I went to see if this combination worked or not.

To complete the peanut butter bacon theme, I decided to throw in some change to substitute the soft drink with a Peanut Butter, Bacon & Banana Milkshake.  No, that is not a typo.  So how does a milkshake with such ingredients taste like?  Well, it was quite rich as expected since the banana and peanut butter only helped make the whole thing
thicker and creamier. It was definitely sweet, yet the bacon helped balance the flavours with its saltiness.  However, the most interesting aspect of this shake was the crunchy bacon bits.  They did not soften in the liquid, hence there was a crispiness to each sip.  I didn't mind the milkshake, it tasted a whole lot better than it sounded.  Now for the main event, the Peanut Butter Bacon Jalapeno Burger.  Again, I honestly thought the peanut butter would get in the way of everything, but in the end, it took somewhat of a backseat to the copious amount of jalapeno slices.  The tang and kick from the peppers really amped up the burger while the crispy bacon offered up some sodium.  I'm not sure about the combination of mayo and peanut butter though.  I did appreciate the use of chunky peanut butter since it added texture and more peanutty goodness. And as per usual, I got a side of Triple-O Sauce for the fries.  A great way to complete this low-fat meal...

The Good:
- At the very least, they dared to be different
- Milkshake with the crunchy bits was not bad

The Bad:
- Low fat it is not


KimHo said...

Not sure if I would call it jumping the shark or everybody is finally in the bandwagon... Anyway, I made my own version of this shake over two years ago; however, my version (which was given to me by another person and tweaked by me with the ratio) had a twist: In addition to ice cream, peanut butter, banana and bacon, it had basil in it. The idea behind the basil was, in a quasi Chinese style (i.e., balance the different taste), to add some "freshness" to counter the sweet (ain't enough sugar from all those ingredients already) as well as the savoury from the bacon. A lot of people look at me funny when I first mention it but there were at least a couple of converts after they tried it.

Anonymous said...

I been meaning to try that... somewhat scared LOL

Kristen said...

I hear about this burger a little while ago and instantly fell in love with the idea. I love spicy peanut sauce and bacon makes everything better, so this burger must be crazy good. Think I'll try it out this week :)

Sherman Chan said...

@KimHo Actually, Tap & Barrel has a PBJ Burger which is quite similar. I must give Triple O's credit for doing their version because they are supposed to be mainstream. As for your version, sounds like it would be pretty good!

@fatpandavan Yah, it tastes better than I thought it would be!

@Kristen Same as I said above, it is not bad considering what I thought it would be like.

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