Sherman's Food Adventures: Trixi's Crepe & Coffeehaus

Trixi's Crepe & Coffeehaus

While sweltering in the heat at Tokyo John's and being somewhat dissatisfied with the eats, our attention turned to dessert. Where should we go to rid ourselves of the bad taste in our mouths? At this point, Bear merely pointed to Trixi's across the street. Dessert crepes eh? Sure, that sounded fine but was there room for all 11 of us? Apparently not, but we made it work. And yes, no A/C again... At least we could sit outside where it was actually less warm. Then again, with restaurant facing West and the Sun beating down on us, there was no way to escape the heat.

I took a bit of time deciding what to order since many of the crepes were variations of the same thing. As I was pondering, Dark Helmet went for the basic Nutella Crepe. It was pretty typical since the filling is unmistakable. Hence, there were only 2 things we could evaluate - the crepe itself and the amount of filling. The crepe was thin, yet on the chewier side. Not a huge problem, just an observation. In terms of the filling, there was an okay amount. We could've done with more, but the addition of a side of ice cream helped solve that problem. For myself, I had the only savoury crepe in our group, however, with Brie and Cinnamon Apples, it bordered on a dessert. They didn't skimp on the brie where it melted nicely within the crepe. However, the apple slices were blander than bland. There was absolutely no apple flavour. Possibly because they didn't use a tart enough apple or maybe it wasn't ripe. There was an okay amount of cinnamon, but the whole thing didn't have much impact. I resorted in stealing some ice cream from Dark Helmet. The actual name of the crepe included almonds, but I left it out since there were only a few on top and had no impact at all.

Milhouse went for his usual diet drink being a Chocolate Milkshake. I took a sample and it was quite thin and milky. Flavourwise, it was rather mild and probably could've used more ice cream. Refreshing on a hot day, yes. A thick creamy milkshake, no. I'd stick to the crepes instead. They were pretty good and the owner was quite friendly.

The Good:
- Crepes are not bad
- Quaint place

The Bad:
- Place is extremely small
- Not that cheap

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