Sherman's Food Adventures: Galaxy Bakery

Galaxy Bakery

From as early as I can remember, the standard grab n' go breakfast at my house was Chinese buns and pastries. The Cha Sui Bao and I had some good times together - from school mornings to snacks, I must've consumed thousands of the BBQ Pork Bun. The same would be for the classic Dan Tat or Egg Tart. Oh and let's not forget the Gai Mei Bao or Cocktail Bun with its sweet coconut filling. Ah... the memories. Then I hope I can be forgiven for continuing the tradition with my own kiddies. It is a weekly ritual of buy a box of these buns and pastries (looks more like bags now since many places charge for boxes). However, to make things interesting, I've been seeking out many other bakeries that are not named Maxim, Pine House or St Germain.

The latest place on my Chinese buns adventures (that can be taken the wrong way eh?) led me to Galaxy Bakery (there is another location on Fraser). Of course we got the basics including the aforementioned BBQ Pork Bun. One look inside and it yielded a decent amount of filling which wasn't too wet. A good amount of lean BBQ pork in a well-balanced sauce laid within an airy soft bun. This was a decent BBQ pork bun, if not a bit small. Essentially the same bun without the filling while adding a sweet sugary topping, the Pineapple Bun was also decent. For those unfamiliar, this bun does not contain any pineapples whatsoever. The name is derived from its appearance where the sugary-buttery topping resembles the outside of a pineapple. If you are still a bit confused, I don't blame you. It doesn't look like a pineapple to me either.

The Egg Tart is another one of those classics found at Chinese bakeries and Dim Sum restaurants. This particular tart had a nice flaky shell which was cooked all the way through - possibly a bit too cooked. The slightly browned ring around the custard part of the tart was a bit rubbery which began to somewhat separate from the shell. Other than that, it was not too sweet and the rest of the custard had a nice consistency. One of my daughter's favourite items is the Chicken Pie. This one was stuffed solid (literally) with chicken and starch-thickened sauce. Not much in the way of other ingredients. The consistency of the filling was a bit stiff and there was a good amount of thickened sauce. The pastry was buttery and stood up to the wet ingredients. Galaxy Bakery does the job and is an alternative to Maxim's down the street. However, I'll say it again, I prefer Karmony further down Victoria.

The Good:
- Stuff is not bad
- Prices are pretty standard

The Bad:
- Not better or worse than the immediate competition

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