Sherman's Food Adventures: 900 West Lounge (Afternoon Tea)

900 West Lounge (Afternoon Tea)

Funny how something old becomes new again. Take bell-bottom jeans. One would think they disappeared with the 8-track in the late 70's and early 80's. Nope, I have a pair of bell-bottom jeans that I wear regularly. The same could be said about cars, in particular, the Beatle and more recently, the Fiat 500. How about the Salisbury Steak? Uh... Yah, that hasn't come back in full force yet... Another phenomenon is High-Tea (or afternoon tea) and no, I don't do it that often. Despite its rebirth, especially with the younger folk, it has suddenly become trendy to drink tea with little sweet and savoury treats. As mentioned, it is not my cup of tea (sorry for the pun), but there have been times I've been sucked into going. Miss Y coerced me into joining her at Applewood and once again, I promised to meet her at the Hotel Vancouver for some raised pinky tea sipping.

If it weren't uncomfortable enough for myself doing afternoon tea, imagine Miss Y being an hour late. That's right. I garnered the sympathy of practically all the staff when they noticed I was sitting there all alone for an hour with my tea (which was getting cold...). Better yet, she told me to order first which meant me+tea+food = creepy guy all alone taking pictures of a smoked salmon pinwheel.... I'm not sure if it was Miss Y's intention of making me squirm. With her finally present, we got down to the food.  We started with the bottom tier first which consisted of a Smoked Salmon Pinwheel, Cucumber Sandwich, Ham & Cheese Croissant and a Mango Curry Chicken Canape. Nothing was bad per se, but nothing really stood out either.  The Mango Chicken Curry was quite mild and there really wasn't any mango flavour.

Onto desserts, it included fresh-made Scones, Black Current Mousse in a chocolate cup, Opera Cake and Lemon Tarts.  Again, nothing really out-of-the-ordinary. I did enjoy the lemon tart (as I always do) since the curd was tangy and smooth.  The tart shell was buttery and a bit soft though.  The scones were fresh and the Devonshire cream was nice.  But there was something missing about the whole thing.  Maybe I expect more out of the Hotel Vancouver.  It is *the* place where most would think to get the best high-tea.  It almost seemed like they mailed it in rather than stepping it up a notch.

The Good:
- Attentive service (especially for me all alone)
- There is a certain level of elegance

The Bad:
- Food a bit ordinary 
- Expensive

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