Sherman's Food Adventures: Trocadero


"Hey, do you wanna hit up Trocadero?", queried Costanza out-of-the-blue.  What's with the randomness?  I hadn't been there in like over 3 years. Well, it turned out that he had a Groupon and wanted to use it before it expired.  Yes, Costanza has a nasty habit of buying these types of coupons and not having enough time to use them all.  Some have such short expiry dates!  And not to mention the multitude of restrictions such as coupon limits, when they can be used (if it is lunch or dinner) and what dishes are excluded.  We actually had 2 coupons, but were only able to use one because there was a house rule that only one could be used at a table, regardless of the party size.

Whatever the case, we went ahead and ordered a good variety of food despite that. We started with an order of the Calamari which was very dark in colour and chewy.  Despite the thorough frying, it was not crispy at all.  The only saving grace for this dish was the thick, garlicky and chunky tzatziki.  The same good tzatziki accompanied the Spankopita which was much better than the calamari. Within the beautiful golden brown crispy exterior was a tender and cheesy filling where the spinach was not mushy. It was almost the perfect balance between enough moisture without being wet.  Moving onto the mains, I suggested we get roast lamb, but there were no takers.  Sadly, I had to go lambless for this meal and resorted to ordering the Moussaka (which incidentally, usually has lamb!  LOL...). We found the portion size to be fairly good as well as the product itself.  The meat was moist and well seasoned with a nice hint of cinnamon.  There was a good ratio between meat and bechamel sauce (which had the right consistency and a hit of nutmeg).  The layer of eggplant and potato was also done well -  they were not too soft.  We found the rice to be slightly soft while somewhat bland. Strangely, there was no potato on the dish, rather some garlic bread took its place.

For the kiddies, we ordered 2 items that they might possibly eat starting with the Spaghetti & Meatballs.  This was a pretty typical version for this type of restaurant.  The pasta was somewhat past al dente while the sauce was meaty and mild flavoured.  The meatballs were rather firm and a touch dry, yet they were not bad. 
Lastly, we ordered 2 pizzas, one for the adults and one for the kiddies (cheese pizza).  For the adults, we had the Meatlover's which, as the name implies, had all the meats.  Due to the plethora of toppings, the pizza was naturally on the soggier side.  Furthermore, the meats made the pizza salty.  If we ignore that fact, the pizza was okay and was pretty much standard (for this type of pizza).  And that really sums up the place - food is okay, yet hardly memorable either.  Prices are on the higher side, so if you don't have a coupon, it's not an inexpensive option.

The Good:
- Food is alright
- Fairly spacious and comfortable digs

The Bad:
- Pricey
- Food is alright

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LotusRapper said...

Not many of these places left ...... "Greco-Roman"-style restos that serve lots of garlic bread on the side ;-) Hey they'd better have Neapolitan ice cream or else it's just not authentic [grin]

Sherman Chan said...

@LR Yah, these places are giving way to more modern eateries... The food is okay here, just nothing that I would be dying to eat again.

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