Sherman's Food Adventures: Splitz Grill (Whistler)

Splitz Grill (Whistler)

Here's the situation.  We were in Whistler at Chill and Bubbly's place.  There were a total of 5 kids.  What does one do for lunch?  Bubbly suggested we cook something.  Pffft... What would I take a picture of?  I didn't drive up to Whistler to eat instant noodles!  So off we went into the village looking for eats.  Yes, I realize there are other options outside of the village (and inside too like the Famous Warehouse), but we needed to be down there anyways.  The first thing that popped into my mind was Splitz Grill.  Kid-friendly, predictable food and relatively reasonable pricing.

For me, I had to get something interesting, so I selected the Bison Burger with fried egg, cheese, babaganoush and a bunch of veggies.  Naturally, with bison, the patty was not exactly juicy, yet it wasn't dry either.  I guess the addition of a runny egg and sauce helped alleviate that.  Not the best burger I've ever had, but enjoyable nonetheless.  I also liked their fresh-cut fries.  They were crispy and potatoey, however, they were a touch greasy as they didn't drain them properly.  For Viv, I got her a regular Beef Burger with caramelized onions and tzatziki. As expected, the beef patty was more moist and the addition of the onions added sweetness.  She liked the thick tzatziki on her burger and as a side for the fries.

So what did my son and daughter have at a burger joint?  Doing their best Miss Y impersonation, they had the...  Chicken Strips. *sigh*  Well, these Sysco/GFS chicken strips were fried up nicely and well, they did the job.  And really, Splitz came through and did the job for the adults and kiddies.  Not the really all that cheap, but cheaper than many other places in the village.

The Good:
- Burgers are pretty good
- Customizable
- Okay pricing considering the location

The Bad:
- Despite the aforementioned "good", prices are still high

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