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Go Go Sushi

For such as small place, Ladner has an inordinate amount of Japanese restaurants.  Now the "Japanese" part of it can be up for debate as many, if not all of them are not Japanese-run.  Hey, that doesn't really matter to me if my expectations are in-line with the actual food.  Besides, does it really matter when most people don't give a rat's ass about it either.  So once again, I was in Ladner in search of a quick meal and it lead me to Go Go Sushi.  I guess the name subconciously spoke to me since I was on the go and didn't have a whole lot of time.  My only hope was that it didn't mean I had to "go go" afterwards!

Since I was by my lonesome, I decided to go for the biggest and baddest (an expression of course) Bento Box they had. For once, the Bento Box was eerily similar to the picture on the wall.  I mean it was EXACTLY the same including the angle of the California Roll.  The roll was actually not half-bad where there was much more filling than rice.  The rice itself was rather gummy, but did have a nice hint of rice wine vinegar.  It could've benefited from more sugar though. I sampled the Tempura next and it was quite greasy while being really crunchy.  So much so, the yam ate like a potato chip.  I liked the ebi though as it was sweet and had a nice bite.  I really wish there was more tempura dip as it was merely a puddle in the middle of the box.  

The Gyozas were not bad with a seared bottom and moist filling.  Not sure about the sauce though, it was more like sweet & sour than anything else. It really made the whole thing taste non-Japanese.  And yes, the place is not Japanese-run.  By listening to the staff, it is Chinese-run. The Chicken Teriyaki was massive for a boxed portion.  There was plenty of chewy rice on the bottom and super moist chicken on top.  It was fried nicely where the exterior was crisp while the meat was just barely cooked.  The generic sweet teriyaki sauce was kept in check so it didn't overwhelm everything. This alone could be enough for someone with a small appetite. 

As for the Nigiri, they were massive in terms of fish and rice.  Actually, I didn't prefer the gargantuan piece of rice, yet it did match with the large slice of fish.  As for the quality, the fish was pretty standard.  It was neither super tasty nor was it poor either.  I ended up leaving some of the rice in the box unfinished.  There was just too much food.  Yah really, too much food, even for me!  Despite not being very authentic, I didn't really mind as I got full value for what I paid.  The portion-size was massive while the food quality was acceptable given reasonable expections.

The Good:
- Large portions
- Reasonably-priced
- Decent eats when not looking at the authenticity of it

The Bad:
- Well, it ain't authentic (if you care)
- Best for take-out as it is a small place

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LotusRapper said...

So ....... how much $ for the bento box ? :-)

Sherman Chan said...

@LR I believe only $13.00 or so...

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