Sherman's Food Adventures: Hadi's


Consider it a personal challenge - I often like to seek out obscure restaurants.  Yes, ones that not many people have heard of and really would never visit either.  Why?  Well, location for one.  Some are located in purely industrial areas, far away from civilization and inaccessible to most.  Secondly, the lunch-only hours effectively eliminates people who do not work nearby.  So what use are these posts then???  Well, as informative as I intend to be, this is my personal blog and really, I can blog about whatever I wish!  LOL...  So the latest "hidden and totally obscure restaurant" is Hadi's which is right off River Road in Delta.  It is your typical industrial area lunch spot which is frequented by its regular customers.  The cuisine here can only be described as "diverse".

Let's start with the Wor Wonton Soup shall we? Well, it looked like a wonton soup, but the soup base was sadly a mix between Knorr and other non-wonton soup seasonings.  The noodles were actually decently chewy though and the veggies were crisp.  As for the wontons, well, they were the all-pork variety and they more or less did the job.  Next up...  How about a complete Turkey Dinner with a side of Chicken Chow Mein???  Huh?  Well, you see, they have a cafeteria type of setup where you can choose different items for your plate.  Well, who said you can't have chow mein as a side to a traditional turkey dinner?  I think that's what we had all the time at our turkey dinners when I was growing up!  I think there was also some Chinese BBQ items and sometimes Sweet n' Sour Pork too! That's CBC for you (Canadian-Born-Chinese).  Well, the turkey dinner was okay.  The meat was kinda dry and the gravy was a bit watery.

Hey, let's go to Greek food now shall we?  The Chicken Souvlaki didn't really look the part and neither did it taste the part either.  It was slightly dry and hey, why not a side of stuffing with it... Honestly, the safest thing to order was a Bacon Cheeseburger.  And it delivered.  It was large with a moist patty and crispy bacon.  Fries were crispy too.  That hit the spot.  And it appears that many other people come to Hadi's to hit the spot as well.  I guess the large portions and wide range of food is the main draw here.  Or is it because there is nothing else around to eat?

The Good:
- Large portions
- Friendly lunch ladies
- Diverse menu

The Bad:
- Not expensive, yet not that cheap either
- Don't expect gourmet cooking here

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Bukko Boomeranger said...

I'll never go there, but it was interesting to read your description!

Sherman Chan said...

@BC I ain't going back myself! LOL...

Unknown said...

what do you expect its in industrial place.. lol

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