Sherman's Food Adventures: Wing Wah Bakery

Wing Wah Bakery

While parking the car with intentions on grabbing some Chinese BBQ from Yu Kee, I noticed a bakery that was partially hidden. Man, what a crappy location in the strip mall. Located right behind a large post, Wing Wah Bakery was a convenient discovery since we needed some pastries anyways. We grabbed the kids let them decide what to get. Bad move as they were pointing at all of the non-Asian products. No offense, but buying animal-shaped cookies at a Chinese bakery is just wrong. We were able to get some of the more standard offerings though. Hey, we are the adults after all! Well... at least Viv is...

Once home, I dug into the BBQ Pork Bun first. It was light, airy and had just enough chewiness to prevent it from being too soft. The quality of the dough was obvious from the first bite. As for the filling, it was goopy and very sweet. They could've eased up on the corn starch thickened sauce. There was a good amount of filling which featured a few too many fatty pieces. Despite its shortcomings, the dough made up for it. The BBQ Pork Pastry was obviously filled with the same goopy BBQ Pork concoction. However, in this case, it worked because the pastry was thick. Although it was thick, it still had a nice buttery consistency to it.

Although I'm biased when it comes to the non-flaky type of tart shell, the one in the Egg Tart wasn't too bad. It was slightly dense, yet not sugary or hard. The egg custard had a nice silky texture and was nicely firm. However, it was bland and needed more sugar. The Apple Tart was an epic fail because one bite and ugh... uncooked dough. Suffice to say that ruined it right there. The filling was full of large pieces of undercooked tart apples. They still had a slight crunch and were coated with a thick syrupy sauce. Even the cooked portions were very buttery and greasy. We had to dump these out.

We also ended up with a few more buns including the Pineapple Bun (not pictured) and they were not bad due to the good airy dough. Yet, we couldn't get the image and taste of the apple tart out of our minds. In the end, the stuff was passable except there is definitely better. I guess Wing Wah can be considered an option for those in the neighbourhood because of convenience and reasonable prices. For me, I would probably stick with my favourite being Karmony out on Victoria Drive.

The Good:
- Inexpensive
- Nice owner
- Dough is good

The Bad:
- Lacking refinement
- A bit hit and miss

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