Sherman's Food Adventures: Meditalia Gourmet Kitchen

Meditalia Gourmet Kitchen

As you may have already noticed, I get on these personal food fads.  In other words, I seem to focus on a particular type of food for a period of time, then get bored and eventually moving on - much like Tiger Woods and his women.  Um...  Bad analogy.  Viv, you didn't just read that...  Anyways, after my great experience at Donair Affair (how ironic of the name...  uh...), I decided to try out Meditalia Gourmet Kitchen.  Sure, they serve Gyros here, not Donairs, but you get the idea.

Much like last time, I picked up a Lamb & Beef Plate consisting of meat doused with plenty of sauce atop chewy rice.  Completing the order was hummus and tabbouleh salad.  I found the chicken a bit dry but the liberal amount of sauce helped matters.  The hummus was quite good being smooth and flavourful with hints of garlic and a good amount of olive oil.  I wasn't so fond of the cold, right-out-of-the bag pita bread though.  I picked up a Chicken Gyro as well and the darn thing was massive.  Yes, more massive than usual.  Lots of crisp produce doused in the same tzatziki and hot sauce.  The chicken was a touch dry, but it didn't make or break the gyro.

Lastly, I got 3 Falafels which were pretty forgettable.  Due to being prepared in advance and sitting in a warming tray, then reheated, they were soggy and not at all crispy on the outside.  But despite this, the rest of the food was decent and well-priced.  The nice people who run the place add to the positives as well.  I personally prefer Donair Affair more, but if I'm in Newton again, Meditalia is a viable option.

The Good:
- Large portions
- Well-priced
- Nice people

The Bad:
- Soggy falafels
- Meat is a bit dry

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hound said...

Have you tried Doner Kebab on 4th, by Zulu Records? They make their falafel on site. If you go, I recommend asking for a half falafel/half chicken plate.

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