Sherman's Food Adventures: St. Augustine's

St. Augustine's

It was a dark and stormy night...  No, I haven't suddenly morphed into Snoopy typing atop a dog house.  However, I think the lowering of my car may have earned me the dog house with Viv...  Anyways, it really was a dark and stormy night after Friday night hockey.  Hey, look at the picture if you don't believe me.  Wait, we live in Vancouver, why wouldn't you believe me?  So with that being established, what better than to hit a pub (St. Augustine's in this case) for some comfort food of sorts and a barley sandwich on the side, naturally... With that in mind, I did get a nice beer (similar to a Rickard's Red) to start which went well with my food.

About that food, I decided to split The Burger with Gordo.  It consisted of a half pound fresh beef patty, sautéed mushrooms, cured bacon, apple wood cheddar, leaf lettuce, tomato, red onion, dill pickle and caramelized onion with miso aioli.  This thing was large with a moist well-charred patty.  Lots of fresh produce along with crisp bacon all on a nicely toasted bun.  The side of fresh cut fries were crispy and light.  Gordo and I also shared the Pulled Pork Tacos with salsa, guacamole and pickled onions.  The pork was in large chunks being meaty and spicy.  It wasn't particularly saucy, but that was a good thing since we were eating tacos, not a sandwich.  We thought the pickled onions really brought the whole thing together.

On the topic of pulled pork, Lionel Hutz ordered the Pulled Pork Nachos...  for himself.  The monstrosity was comprised of hand-cut tortilla chips with black beans, corn, fresh salsa, sour cream, guacamole and of course pulled pork.  Again, it was spicy which really added lots of flavour, yet the pork did not noticeably moisten the crunchy chips.  For the first time since we had visited the now closed Three Lions Pub, Sweet Tooth had a Beet Salad consisting of candied walnuts, goat cheese fritter and arugula with citrus vinaigrette.  And unlike that last experience, it was a good salad for $10.00.  Everything on the plate did what it was supposed to do with the highlight being the goat cheese fritter - it was crunchy and cheesy.

Milhouse didn't go for a burger this time and decided to do something a bit healthier in the Turkey Meatloaf with whipped potatoes, tomato jam and fried brussel sprouts. I was able to sample the meatloaf and I found it mealy and very light.  The tomato jam was impactful while the fried brussel sprouts were good.  Lastly, we shared a couple orders of the Peanut Turtle Blondie.  This was not very good our opinion.  It was dry and quite bland.  We didn't get much sweetness nor anything else.  It was really too bad our meal ended on that note since most of the other eats were more than acceptable, especially for late night.

The Good:
- Decent eats
- Lively atmosphere

The Bad:
- Quite the tight squeeze in there
- Decent eats, but not Earth-shattering

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Laleh said...

Just one small thing I noticed. You couldn't have had a Rickards Red there because they only sell craft beer.

Sherman Chan said...

@Laleh Just looked at my notes and you're right! It was supposed to be "similar to a Rikards Red". Will correct.

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