Sherman's Food Adventures: Mt Fuji Sushi

Mt Fuji Sushi

As mentioned before, Ladner does not have a diverse culinary scene, but for some reason or another, there are 4 Japanese restaurants.  And although none of them would be mistakened for authentic Japanese food, they more or less do the job.  I've been to Maguro, Go Go Sushi and Ladner Sushi and all of them are pretty typical of Japanese restaurants in the GVRD.  The last one that I haven't been to is Mt Fuji Sushi. It seemed like a good place to meet up with Bubbly for lunch (since she lives in Tsawwassen).  However, much like a recent meetup with Miss Y, Bubbly did not show.  I waited and waited for half-an-hour and there I was sitting there all alone, with my food and camera.  Well, it turned out she had to cancel and messaged me via Google Talk (???).  Oh well...  

Anyways, I still had to eat!  I started with the Surprise Roll, which was neatly constructed and plated.  My first impressions were pretty good as nothing seemed to be amiss.  I did take a sample of the rice independently and it was a touch gummy and not really all that flavourful.  But not a bad roll nonetheless.  The Katsu Don was interestingly plated on a, well, plate.  Since I was only armed with a pair of chopsticks, it was a bit hard to eat the last few bites of rice.  Spoon anyone?  However, the pork cutlet itself was crispy where the sauce hadn't penetrated.  I found the meat to be on the drier chewy side, yet it didn't make or break the dish.  The rice was chewy in texture and each grain was discernible.  There was just enough sauce to flavour all of the components.  I thought this was a good effort on their part.

On a subsequent visit, I had the Assorted Tempura and it was carefully prepared.  Each piece was just cooked (veggies not completely soggy) and lightly crisp.  However, the ebi was a bit soft for my liking.  In order to sample the sashimi, I went for the Chirashi Don which was not attractively plated.  In fact, some of the slices of fish were haphazardly prepared.  Overlooking that, the sashimi was above average including sweet hotate and tender tako.  The sushi rice underneath had some vinegar and sweetness while being a bit sticky.  In the end, these 2 visits were above average and definitely more than acceptable for Ladner.

The Good:
- Decent for Ladner
- Nice people

The Bad:
- Seating is a bit tight

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Unknown said...

wow looks good!

LotusRapper said...

Sherman - go back to Sushiyama (E. Broadway), try their chicken katsu box (best) and tonkatsu box (v. good) and let me know what you think and how it compares to other tonkatsus in town :-)

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