Sherman's Food Adventures: Red Mango

Red Mango

Okay, it was the dead of Winter and temperatures were hovering around freezing.  Yes, this was over a month ago, when global warming didn't take over...  So what did you think my daughter was craving?  Hot Pot? BBQ? A hot chocolate perhaps?  No, it wasn't going to be that easy and predictable.  Rather, she wanted her go-to treat - froyo.  Well, at the very least, we were able to get an online coupon for Red Mango because most people don't eat cold desserts when it's cold, except for the little princess...

We ended up at the Redmond Town Center location due in part it was the closest to the Dough Zone, where we just had dinner. With a similar setup as many of the other froyo chains out there, we had 8 choices of flavors including vanilla bean, slam dunk, Caribbean coconut, milk chocolate, spiced pumkin, original, blackberry and white peach.  As for the toppings, everything was neat and orderly.  However, the variety definitely paled in comparison to a place like Menchies.  Yet, by the same token, everything looked fresh and well-stocked.

I decided on the Blackberry with an array of toppings including Twix, kiwi, Mandarin slices, mochi, dark chocolate raspberry mini truffle cups and passion fruit pearls.  The first bite yielded a stingingly sweet fruity flavor that was further enhanced by the other sweet ingredients.  In actuality, my daughter's White Peach was even more sweet in a candy-like manner.  Of course, the addition of gummy bears didn't help.  They were fresh and soft though.  In terms of texture, the 2 froyos were somewhat creamy with a slightly icy finish.  In the end, for the price we paid (at a discount), we were okay with what we had.  However, my personal preference would be Menchie's.

The Good:
- Fresh toppings
- Neat and clean

The Bad:
- We found it too sweet
- Not as smooth as we would've liked


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