Sherman's Food Adventures: Chong Lee Market BBQ

Chong Lee Market BBQ

If there's something strange in your neighborhood, who ya gonna call? Ghostbusters!  Yes, that is pretty much a given, who else would you call? Animal control?  But what if you needed some protein for your meal and being lazy didn't necessarily want to cook?  Who ya gonna call? Meatbusters!  No not really, but once surefire solution is to hit up a Chinese BBQ and get some takeout.  That was the case as I was driving back home.  For some crazy reason, I stopped at the busy Chong Lee Market for the aforementioned BBQ meats.  I stayed away from that parking lot though...

For those who often wonder if the integrity of the BBQ items are retained after I get home to try them, don't worry.  I actually sample them in my car before heading home (plus the fact I can't wait to eat it!). With a firm crunch, the Roast Pork was actually quite good.  I found the meat to be moist and fatty with only a mild amount of brine. This was even the case with some of the pieces not being the belly section. The BBQ Pork was also good with an attractive colour and bark.  It was full-flavoured and balanced with a good amount of sweetness to go with the savoury elements.  Even though it was rather lean, the meat was still succulent and moist.  One thing I would've liked to see was more of a char on the outside for a smokier flavour.

As much as the BBQ Duck was pale, it was meaty and moist.  It was also well-brined where the salt and star anise really came through.  Now as for the skin, it was not crispy at all and the colour was far too light.  They could've rubbed it with more malt syrup or use a higher flame for a deeper hue.  However, that was probably the only real issue with the BBQ meats.  All-in-all, Chong Lee Market is not a bad option if one needed to "ga liew" (add another dish) to their evening meal.  Just don't park in their lot, your car will thank you for it.

The Good:
- Decent BBQ
- Fair pricing
- They didn't give me more than I wanted

The Bad:
- Items could use more colour and charring
- One of the worst parking lots around
- Don't go on a Tuesday

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LotusRapper said...

Oh I can think of worse parking lots (Congee Noodle House rear lot; President's Plaza; Rice World; Richmond Public Market).

IMHO Chong Kee's bbq's are a bit rough around the edges but there really isn't any alternatives in that area, unless you go to that bbq shop upstairs to the First Avenue T&T, or Yuk Kee in Killarney Plaza.

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