Sherman's Food Adventures: Rain or Shine Homemade Ice Cream

Rain or Shine Homemade Ice Cream

Normally, Mijune and I are pretty much in an agreement about most food-related matters.  But there are times that we agree to disagree.  One would be the Mango Butternut Squash at East is East.  She reckons that it has the texture of baby food, while for me, I like it.  Another more recent example is the premium ice cream found in Vancouver.  I agree with her that what we have to choose from is not great, but on the other hand, we can only compare with what we got.  Up until recently, I thought Earnest was pretty decent, but after sampling the stuff at Rain or Shine during the Kits Brunch Crawl, I changed my mind.  Since I couldn't write a post on just a few items, I returned 2 more times just to make sure.

As for my first visit (on the aforementioned brunch crawl), I first sampled the London Fog.  I thought the ice cream base was rich and dense which meant it was creamy as well.  As much as the Earl Grey was present, it wasn't particularly overwhelming.  Overall, it was sweet, but not too much.  As much as the London Fog was good, it paled in comparison to the Blueberry Balsamic.  Normally, I find blueberry flavoured treats to be rather mild with only a touch of tartness from the skin.  But with the addition of balsamic, this flavour of ice cream sang the high notes.  It was purposefully sweet with the hit of balsamic which actually brought out the taste of the blueberries.  My favourite of the bunch.  On my next visit, I also had the Blueberry Balsamic, in addition to the Coffee Toffee.  There was a mild coffee aroma that was accented by crunchy and sweet bits. 

Finally, on my third visit, I smartened up thanks to Ned Flanders as he pointed out that 2 scoops in a small cup cost only 50 cents more than 1 scoop.  Yes, my inner Chinese was obviously off prior to this...  Anyways, we ended up with Nellie's Tiger Tail, Vanilla, Malted Milk Chocolate Honeycomb and Peanut Butter.  Okay, with so many to talk about, I'm only going to focus on the most memorable.  That would be the tiger tail and the malted milk chocolate.  The slight hint of citrus added a nice lightness to the tiger tail while the crunchy honeycomb provided texture and a pop of sweetness to the creamy malted milk.  From my 3 visits to the Rain or Shine, my opinion of the place has not changed.  Currently, it is my favourite in the city (sorry Mijune!).

The Good:
- Rich and creamy base
- Generally on point flavours
- Friendly people

The Bad:
- Very few seats

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