Sherman's Food Adventures: Blast N2 The Past 50's Diner

Blast N2 The Past 50's Diner

The hidden gem.  You know, that restaurant no one seems to know about?  Much akin to a finding that sub-$1,000,000 house in Vancouver, these secret places are often hard to find and/or are located in less-than-desirable areas.  Well, let me tell you about a diner that is not only hidden, the outside doesn't do the inside justice.  Welcome to Blast N2 The Past 50's Diner on 95A Ave in North Delta, where you only wouldn't know it's there, you might not even want to go inside.  But rest assured, you will not only be treated to retro decor and great people, you will find surprisingly good food too.

That's what Hot Mama and I found out when we hit up the place for lunch.  As you can clearly see, my Harley Burger with fresh-cut fries looked legit with 2 hand-made patties with cheese, fried egg, sauteed mushrooms, lettuce, tomato and red onion.  Bursting with natural juices, the burger patties were well-seasoned and meaty.  The lightly toasted bun was crispy and airy where it held as much of the fillings in as possible.  Not greasy while delicately crisp, the fresh-cut fries were on point.  This was a good plate of food for $10.99.  Hot Mama ended up with the Turkey Clubhouse on whole wheat.  As simple as a clubhouse can be, this one was constructed nicely with plenty of real turkey, crisp lean bacon and fresh produce.

On another visit with Devo, there was nothing on the menu that could convince him to eat anything but the Bacon Poutine.  You see, he can probably subsist on that alone if it were up to him. This was a really well-executed poutine with the same great fries that were fried a touch longer so they could stand up to the gravy (which was not overly salty).  There was loads of legit cheese curds as well as meaty bacon.  For myself, I had the Horn Dog (insert joke here) consisting of a foot long wiener wrapped in bacon with cheddar, mustard and relish.  Unfortunately, the fatty piece of bacon was not rendered enough.  Personally, I would've either preferred crispy bacon bits or deep fry the sucker instead.  This came with the same awesome side of fries.  As you can clearly see, the food here is not complex.  But at the same time, it is generally well-made and surprisingly good.

The Good:
- House-made burger and fries made an impression
- Inexpensive
- Large portions

The Bad:
- Location is somewhat awkward and hidden

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Mikefarlane said...

Gotta try this place! One quick correction, it's in Delta, not Surrey :)

Sherman Chan said...

@Mike Yes, there is a difference!

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