Sherman's Food Adventures: One Under

One Under

When it comes to late night eats, we often go to the default options such as Asian joints, pubs and fast food restaurants.  Sure, there are a few unique places, but there is no escaping the regular on a consistent basis.  After a few weeks of exploration, we always end up with a bowl of congee.  However, Lionel Hutz had a novel idea for something after our Friday night hockey game - One Under.  In addition to some eats, we could play mini-games and whole golf courses on a simulator (charged by the hour).  Awesome, we could look just as pathetic with a simulator as we are on a real golf course.  Yes, that is me in the picture.  Please be gentle and do not criticize my stance.

From golf to eats, we were presented with the Charcuterie Plate first. There were 4 options for both meats and cheeses on the menu.  Our choices consisted of Taleggio and Grana Padano, 18-month San Danielle prosciutto and bresaola.  Also on the board were warm marinated olives, gherkins, grainy mustard, confit garlic and flat bread.  Not much to comment other than this was a pleasant dish to share. Next up were the baked Rosemary Parmesan Bread Twists basted in garlic thyme confit oil with fresh rosemary and grated Parmesan cheese.  Being served right from the oven, these were warm, soft and well-seasoned.  We liked the char on the outside as it added both texture and nuttiness.

Simple and focused, the menu offers up mainly pizzas in addition to some basic appies.  Therefore, we got 3 pizzas starting with the Roasted Mushroom + Kale with confit garlic, taleggio and parmesan.  Being a pizza bianca, it was almost like a thin flat bread with a smattering of toppings as there was no sauce.  Hence, it ate a bit dry especially with the dry ingredients.  I do like kale personally, so it was quite nice to have some crispy bits on top.  With mild hits of fresh basil and a mild San Marzano tomato sauce, the Magherita was okay with a thin and crispy crust.  There wasn't a whole lot of leoparding which meant there was a lack of smokiness.

The best pizza of the bunch was the Spicy Sausage + Soppressata with tomato, provolone, arugula and fresh oregano.  It was spicy as described.  Furthermore, the addition of more substantial ingredients made the pizza more hearty and flavourful. Although these pizzas wouldn't strike fear into the top Neapolitan-style joints in town, they were respectable and held their own.  Not bad for eats to go with a game of virtual golf and some beverages.

The Good:
- Decent pizzas given the venue
- Friendly service
- Something different

The Bad:
- Factoring in the golf, a visit can be pretty pricey
- Limited menu
- A bit difficult to eat finger food and golf too

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