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Predictability is often a positive when it comes to food choices.  This prevents wasting money on things that are just not very good.  But then again, what about the new places?  It gets even dicier when there is little known about them.  Well, that is where the online coupon comes into play.  At the very least, if there is an epic fail, it would end up costing less (would that be great for dating?).  That was the plan when I paid Styo a visit with not one, but 2 coupons in hand.  Apparently, Diana was on the same wave-length as I bumped into here there (also with armed with a coupon).

With the first deal, I was able to select 2 savoury waffles from their menu.  We started with the Ham & Cheese with smoked ham and cheddar.  Unlike regular waffle batter, the one used here had a texture akin to a soft brioche.  Hence, it was super light and soft.  With a slight crispiness on the outside, the entire thing worked.  Moreover, the amount of ham and cheese was just right where everything seemed to be in harmony.  Next, I was a little skeptical of the Tuna Melt, but once again, it was good.  The waffle-to-filling ratio was on point where the ingredients did not impact the waffle's texture.  My daughter gobbled this up and barely let me take a sample.

Onto our next deal, we chose 2 yogurt parfaits from the menu.  The first one was the Sweet Heaven consisting of plain frozen yogurt with strawberry syrup, popping candy, chocolate pearls, Almond Roca, brownie and marshmallows.  We found the yogurt conservative in the sweetness department, which worked fine with all the sweet ingredients.  However, the excessive tang was a touch overwhelming.  For our second, we had the Green Tea Harmony with green tea froyo, cream puff, red bean, cereal and brownie.  For some reason, this one was much smoother and less tangy than the original.  It was pleasantly flavoured with enough green tea.  Again, it wasn't very sweet where the ingredients did the heavy lifting.  As much as the froyo was decent with an array of ingredients, the savoury waffles made the lasting impression.  We will be back for those for sure.

The Good:
- Savoury waffles are surprisingly good
- Friendly staff

The Bad:
- Froyo is okay, but the original was too tangy and icy

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Benjamin said...

Looks delicious Sherman. I was walking by the other day and thought it was an interesting concept with the fillings in the center. Wanted to try it out but wasn't up to eating; burning calories with a walk haha.

Glad to see it on your blog. The ham and cheese looks delicious though they have a chocolate option now which will likely be what I'm going to try next time I'm there.

Best Regards,
Benjamin Ng

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