Sherman's Food Adventures: The Rolling Dough

The Rolling Dough

Other than Hot Oven Pizza, the take-out/delivery pizza joints in my area are rather uninspired.  In fact, they consist of Domino's, Panago, Pizza Hut and Fresh Slice.  Yup, the usual stuff when we think of ordering pizza.  So when I spotted the new Rolling Dough on Bainbridge at Lougheed Highway, I was intrigued if it could provide another option.  Walking into the place, there were a few tables and bar seating if one wanted to eat in.  For me, I was all about the take out.

I decided to get 2 medium pizzas to including my standard being the Meat Lover made with ham, pepperoni and spicy Italian sausage.  Being a thin and stone-fired pizza, the crust was super crispy and well-browned on the bottom.  Hence, it was pretty easy to eat 3 or 4 slices by myself.  There was no shortage of ingredients where the spicy sausage really came through.  In fact, that is all we tasted.  With a modest amount of mildly-tangy tomato sauce, the pizza ate quite dry.  Our second pizza was the Ham & Pineapple which also sported a good amount of toppings.  With the ample pineapple, it was rather sweet.

On another visit, I decided to try their Dim Sum Pizza which was presented as a calzone.  With ingredients such as cheese, pineapple, chicken and onion, I failed to see what dim sum had to do with this thing.  I found the flavours lacking as it was merely sweet and cheesy.  The thin crust was nice though as it didn't eat heavy.  I also got a personal-sized Pesto Chicken with roasted chicken breast, roasted artichoke hearts, black olives and feta cheese.  Again, there was no absence of toppings, but the pesto got completely overwhelmed by the salty olives and tart artichoke hearts.  After these 2 visits, the pizzas at the Rolling Dough were okay with an appealingly crisp thin crust.  However, the flavours were a bit out-of-balance.

The Good:
- Crispy thin-crust
- Ample toppings
- Nice owner

The Bad:
- Unbalanced flavours
- Expensive

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