Sherman's Food Adventures: Windjammer Fish and Chips

Windjammer Fish and Chips

There we were, standing in the Britannia parking lot looking confused.  Yes, that is not a stretch with myself, Milhouse and Kaiser Soze...  But the reason for this was the indecisiveness as to where to eat after Sunday morning hockey.  It was too hot for ramen or pho (although I personally didn't mind) and no one wanted brunch.  Fine.  Then I suggested we just take a stroll up to The Drive and stop at the first place that caught our eye.  That wasn't very hard as it was literally around the corner in the form of the Windjammer.

Operated by the former employees of the old Windjammer located on Main, the place did offer up some familiarity.  I remember visiting that place a few times when they were right beside Bellagio Gelato (bleck!).  For myself, before any fish n' chips arrived at the table, I had the Clam Chowder.  I was warned by our server that it may be on the milder side and so it was.  I had to dump some ol' salt n' pepper to bring it up to my liking.  Even with that, I found the broth itself to be lacking in any brininess and richness.  As for my main, I went for the 2 Piece Halibut n' Chips.  For $12.00, I was pretty pleased at the portion size.  The pieces of halibut were fried just enough that the meat retained its moisture and flakiness.  On the outside, the thin layer of batter was crunchy albeit a touch greasy.  The side of fries were firmly crunchy with very little potato texture left.  I personally didn't mind it though.

Milhouse decided on the 2 Piece Sockeye Salmon n' Chips which he could barely finish.  Luckily I persuaded him to stay away from the 3 piece since salmon can be rather dense.  It was exactly as we expected being firm and filling.  However, it wasn't overdone as it was flaky and still moist.  The batter did lack flavour though and the tartar sauce didn't help matters.  It was a bit watery and devoid of acidity.  Kaiser Soze opted for the $7.50 special being the 3 Piece Cod n' Chips.  Sure, the pieces weren't exactly big, but for the price, it was a fair amount of food.  Just like our orders, the cod was flaky and moist with a super thin layer of batter. Overall, we were pleasantly surprised with our random food adventure.  The food was above-average and at a fair price.

The Good:
- Reasonable prices
- Decent eats

The Bad:
- Tartar sauce is weak
- Clam chowder is so-so

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tony said...

your friend ate the 3 piece cod special for 7.50? is it a lunch time deal or a regular thing? i ask because i have been meaning to go try out Windjammer myself...just looked at the online menu and 3 pice cod/chips is $12.50.

Steve said...

@ Tony - Windjammer's regular menu items are pretty good but be wary of their specials. My friend ordered the 3 piece special and found the pieces to be considerably smaller and also claimed that they use a different (lower quality) type of fish as well. I can't confirm this personally, as I always order off the regular menu, however, as the old saying goes, you get what you pay for.

Sherman Chan said...

@Tony It's a lunch special that is on the sandwich board outside, not on the menu. I believe the pieces are smaller, but still okay.

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