Sherman's Food Adventures: Cockney Kings

Cockney Kings

Devo loves poutine. If possible, he could have it for breakfast, second breakfast (like Merry and Pippin), lunch and dinner.  Oh and as a snack as well.  So it wasn't a surprise when I asked him what he wanted to eat that he suggested the Spud Shack.  Unfortunately, we arrived far too early for its opening time of 12:00pm.  We could see all those delicious frites being prepared, but we couldn't have any!  Undeterred, we went to the nearby Cockney Kings instead.

Despite my desire to order the halibut, my inner-Chinese came out and we opted for the AYCE Pollock and Chips instead.  Yes, pollock is nowhere near halibut, but for $10.00 including bottomless soft-drink, it was too good to pass up.  Despite being associated with imitation crab meat, the pollock was actually decent.  It was fried up just enough where it retained a good amount of moisture and flakiness akin to Pacific cod.  Light, mostly crispy and not overly greasy, the thin batter did not overwhelm the filets of fish.  As much as we were dismayed at missing out on the Spud Shack, the fries here were good.  Golden and gently crispy on the outside, it revealed a soft potato texture inside.  The tartar sauce was creamy and slightly tart.

I decided to get a Seafood Chowder for good measure and it was more thick and brothy than creamy.  There was a definite fish taste to the soup as evidenced by the good amount of ingredients.  Personally, I much prefer either a creamy Boston chowder or a Manhattan-style over this version.  But when it came to the actual fish n' chips, it was more-than-acceptable for a reasonable price.

The Good:
- Properly executed fish n' chips
- Decent service
- Reasonable prices

The Bad:
- Not a huge fan of the chowder
- Quite busy during peak hours

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Steve said...

Their deep fried prawns are also pretty good. The seafood chowder is decent, with a good fish base, but a little bland for my tastes. I find that a large splash of tabasco sauce and some black pepper really helps to bring the flavours out.

LotusRapper said...

Funny, we were just at CK's North Burnaby location for dinner last weekend. I've having a craving for F&C lately and have already been to C-Lovers twice (Burquitlam, Denman) and thought I'd try CK to compare. Actually while I felt CK's was slightly better overall, C-Lovers isn't far behind. And while eating at CK's, it suddenly dawned on me that almost 20 years ago I went to their original location in New West (on 6th St) fairly regularly for their daily $7 AYCE F&C. Or at least I'm pretty sure that was CK (next to Salvation Army and an antiques store which is no longer there).

There isn't enough dedicated F&C restaurants in GVRD !

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